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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Wander at Nymans

Had some basic shopping to do today.. but needed some exercise so I headed over to Nymans Gardens for a wander.

About lunchtime when I got there and given I hadn't had many scones whilst on hols, I treated myself to one today. Mr Ponders definitely approved.

"Oh look", said Ponders " They have my chair ready for me" ..

Rose Garden was blooming !!

Bees on the lavendar.

and, at long last, a flutter.. a Tortoiseshell

Ooops.. Ponder fell off the wall..

This is where weddings take place so it was good to have a closer look today..

Sat here in a bench for a while... just watching the world go by..

There be dinosaurs at Nymans!!

OOOh a Morgan in the car park on my way out.

Lovely time having a wander.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bournemouth Gardens..

Yesterday I had time before going to Compton Acres... to walk through some of the gardens in Bournemouth.. The River Bourne (hence the town name) runs through the town to the sea and there's  serious of 3 gardens around the rive.  Here is the Lower Garden which is near the beach.  And from there I walked north into the beginning of the Central Garden.  I hadn't time to explore all areas so next time I'm down that way.. I shall have to  explore more..

Grey Squirrels everywhere.. this one didn't seem to have any ears? .. a bit odd..

One of 5 Mallard Ducklings

Bournemouth has a sub-tropical climate .. looks like it here..

Lovely few days away .. and the next hols.... in the Lake District .. watch this space..
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