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Thursday, 23 May 2019

A return visit to the Island of Sark 22-05-2019

Waiting for the bus to take me into St Peter Port where I was catching the ferry to take me over to Sark.

On the ferry waiting to leave

Despite leaving in sunshine, there was a heavy sea mist as we sailed to Sark

But as we arrived, the mist cleared and had hot sunshine for the rest of the day!

I used the local transport to get from the harbour up to the village.  Only tractors and horses are allowed on the island.. it's completely car free!!

So, boat, tractor and then a 2 hour tour of the island on a horse drawn carriage.
Meet Bob!

I was sitting up front!!

Incredible walkway linking Sark to Little Sark

and then back with Bob for the rest of the journey!

Next stop was at LaSeigneurie gardens and a visit to the cafe for a bite to eat!

From there I had a wander down to the port.  I was early as I wanted to enjoy some time in the harbour.

I walked down the footpath.. very steep but lovely.

My ferry arriving

and the sail back to Guernsey!

and back in Guernsey Harbour

Another good day out and the weather was glorious!!
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