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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Another visit to Barnes... but the sun came out

I decided to go back to Barnes today as the sun was shining (occasionally) and I'd hoped the Birds of Prey might be out in the sunshine. They weren't when I arrived.

It was very windy and very few birds about.

A female Mallard posed beautifully, on top of one of the rails of the small bridges. Their feather colouring and marking really is amazing!

After a while, the drake flew in to join her

I can advise that he didn't push her off the rail :D

At this time of the year, there's usually more in the insect world to photograph than birds. And it's a really enjoyable time of the year too. More to come over the next couple of months!

Green veined White Butterfly

Here a Crab Spider has caught its prey. A bee!

This one (of many) was enjoying collecting pollen.

I really like the combination of colours here and the bees seemed to as well.

Walking further along we came across a Holly Blue (I think!)

Blue tailed Damselflies were everywhere it seemed.

and on the way out, the Barn Owl was out in the sunshine so how could I resist just one more shot!

Lovely to feel the warmth of the sun again; it was rather too windy for many decent insect shots especially when using the Macro lens.

And thanks to Gary and Andy for their company :D

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Captive but captivating and Happy Birthday LWC

The forecast was for rain; the forecast was correct!! I headed off locally and went to Barnes.

I arrived with the rain. So I had no choice but to head for the cafe where breakfast was still on the menu - so how could I resist the full English to start the day ;)

I had forgotten that today was the celebration of the London Wetland Centre's 10th birthday. So there's various activities to celebrate this event.

Sir David Attenborough has given a couple of evening's talks regarding the centre. It was a tadge on the expensive side so I wasn't able to go.

Today a Falconer was exhibiting some of his Birds of Prey and, although captive birds, they are wonderful to see. No flying demonstration as the weather was very wet! Had it been dry, there would have been a small demo in the courtyard area.

Herewith some of those birds!

I think one of my favourites - Tawny Owl

Kestrel - I'm always surprised by how small they are. They look so much bigger when flying or hovering!

I just wasn't ready for this shot when the Kestrel had a wing stretch. But I rather like the softness of the outstretched wings.

And how can one resist a Barn Owl :D

There were two Peregrine Falcons and most of the time they were hooded; apparently they are nervous when people are around but when the numbers (of humans!) reduced the Falconer removed the hood. Wonderful birds!

I wandered off for a looksee around the reserve; but the rain started coming down in torrents and I just had enough time to grab some pics of flowers covered in raindrops!

Back in the Observatory around mid-day, Gyles Brandreth (who lives nearby and had been instrumental in getting the Centre off the ground 10 year's ago) came to "officially" cut the birthday cake. He was, in fact, very funny and entertaining and no-one could doubt his amazing enthusiasm for the centre and applause for the staff who "make all possible"

So that was that! After a coffee and a "catch up" with some fellow birding/photography acquaintances, I headed off for home! A little soggy but nonetheless an enjoyable few hours!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wild in the garden.

I'm still trying to sort through pictures taken over the last week or so. I've deleted a great many ;)

The other morning, I had a visit from one of the local foxes again. He wandered around; paid the greenhouse a visit...

then spotted me and the camera as he walked through the plants... and didn't break any of them!

And today - in the sun and strange new warmth :D, the Red Damselflies started to emerge from the garden pond.

I'm still not very happy with my macro lens and this is the best I could do without falling in the pond! There were at least 5 flying about and of these, definitely 2 pairs.... great stuff. I shall be keeping my eyes open for Dragons every day now!

And a hover fly had a rest on a lily leaf.

Just a short post today.... back to the picture sorting now...

Monday, 17 May 2010

One good Tern...

I've been rather busy lately but am now just beginning to catch up with anything and everything!!

Had a quick wander around Bushy the other day, when a party of very young Long Tailed Tits came through. They didn't stay for long and neither, as is their wont, stay still either!!

This male Mandarin caused a very colourful reflection with the addition of the trees in the pond.

A Comma flutterbye basked in the sun.

Over at Barnes last Saturday, the Terns were fishing and diving incredibly fast. I was in a different hide this time, which made getting some pics much easier.

And an unexpected visitor - a Bar-headed Goose which must have escaped from somewhere. Interestingly the Greylag Goose seemed to tolerate its presence but the Bar-headed didn't stay around for very long!

before flying off. Pity I couldn't get the whole bird in shot!!

More birds and wildlife in the pipeline when I can catch up with myself :D
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