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Monday, 31 December 2018

Guildford .. for shopping and a short riverside wander

In Guildford for some shopping and a wander today...  weather mild, grey and dull.. Bring on cold crisp and sunny with blue skies!! :)

This bread stall amazing selection of bread and cakes!

The clock!

and a short stroll by the river Wey


Sunday, 30 December 2018

Chichester Cathedral

Not able to walk too far today, so headed off for Chichester.  I visited just before Christmas to see the Christmas tree etc. but there was a children's choir/orchestra rehearsing next to the tree (so not appropriate to take any pictures).  So today..

Started off with a toasted tea-cake and a coffee at The Buttery in the The Crypt.. its interesting and makes for different surroundings

Then into the Cathedral..

Fascinating laser (?) project with lights changing colour... best seen from the other side (see later) where the light is projected onto the walls/ceiling!

Walking back to the car park, I saw this!

Good to get out... hopefully we'll have some sunshine before long!
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