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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Day Moon

I took these picture at 7.00 am on 22 July 2008. The sky was so very clear that the moon's features could be seen with the naked eye.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Flutters at last

My day started at about 5.00 a.m. when someone's car or burglar alarm went off. Really annoying as I did not want to be awake. However, by the time 6 o'clock showed it's face I was wide awake and out of bed.

There's so much needing doing in the garden that, after a lazy start to the day, this was where my morning time was spent. The scent of the buddleia was powerfully pleasant in the sun and a Comma butterfly decided it liked it too. Very pleased to see it there as there haven't been than many recently.

I needed more bird food so this afternoon found me at Black Pond on Esher Common again - well it's not that far from my bird-food shop! As I was scanning the reeds with my binoculars (and picking up the Grey Heron in its favourite spot), across my line of vision flew a Kingfisher - pure chance; I wouldn't have thought it was Kingfisher terrain so I'm assuming s/he was on it's way somewhere else.

No Dragonflies around so from there I stopped off at West End on the way home. The usual Mallards around, and the family of three cygnets are still there and growing really quickly. A couple of Egyptian Geese have swelled the numbers in the Prince of Wales Pond - not seen any there before and about five Black-headed Gulls were pirouetting above the pond before settling down on the water.

Comma Butterfly on Buddleia

Wind was blowing too much for a clearer picture.

Reflections on Black Pond

Mallard at Prince of Wales Pond on West End Green

Two Egyptian Geese have arrived.

Black headed Gulls whirling about the pond.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


After some sultry hot days, matters became climatic yesterday evening when my broadband router/modem went BANG at the same time that the thunder and lightening immediately over the house went BANG. Pretty scary when you're standing next to said piece of equipment at the time! So not much sleep had as a result!

Subsequently - no internet connection. This morning then found me going into town to purchase a replacement and most of the morning installing said piece of equipment!

This afternoon I had an appointment and now I'm just trying to catch up.

Sorry folks - no pictures today as a result - just a blogger feeling a bit tired!!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Still hot!

A muggy night where sleep eludes again. Think the UK problem is that we seem to go from fairly cold to very hot weather almost overnight. Consequently we don't get time to adjust gradually.

Fairly domestic day today, but it was actually quite pleasant to cool down in the supermarket! Oh I am such a sad person and should really get out more :)

A young visitor to my garden. S/he's been coming quite regularly for a couple of weeks now but today I managed to have the door open before it arrived!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

.. and the heat continues

The forecast thunder storms and rain have still not arrived and today dawned hot and sunny again. It would be nice to have a fresh breeze and then the sun would be great making my perfect day!

Whilst I was awake around 5.30 a.m. (not unusual for me) what was unexpected was that my grandson (who'd had extra reading time in bed last night) was voluntarily, not only awake, but up and out of bed at 7.00 a.m.!!

In view of this we got out before the day hotted up too much and headed for Bushey Park - arriving at 9.15 a.m. when the car park was almost empty. I love beating everyone else to the park in the earlier part of the day!

Around the pond a flock of about 30 Canada Geese were feeding, with one solitry Greylag Goose. Very many Egyptian Geese were keeping them company as was a fisherman who looked as though he'd been there for some time.

On reaching the Boating Pond (this is the proper name for the first pond), there were several boats on it today. Also several stalls to do with radio-controlled boats - I imagine it must have been some sort of event.

Eventually the Canada Geese flew in, in two or three flocks and landed to swim further up to another pond.

The family of 8 Egyptian Goslings are growing and the mallard brood were still in evidence.

We called in briefly to Middle Pond for a Dragonfly spot. Saw one common darter and that was it! Only to find on arrival at him, that one was around my garden pond again - hey ho - that's life :)

By now the sun is getting hotter and, by popular vote, we came home to cool down and be lazy for the rest of the day. So we've played games and I've a really long read - quite nice really!!

Not what I was expecting today..

Canada Geese arriving...

and landing in the Boating pond

to be joined by the lone Greylag goose who was one of the party

Spot the odd one out

The 9 Mallard chicks were swimming lazily about

in the company of the eight Egyptian Goslings.

Black-headed gull was happy to stay put on it's post

Back at home, a bee gathered nectar from the Buddleia
(and it really is this colour!)

Whilst the Common Darter spent sometime on this particular blade of grass.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

It's a little on the warm side today

Now where would be Brits be if we didn't have the weather as a conversational topic?

Wow - it's been (and still is) a very hot and sticky day. One spent with Mum - who wanted to go clothes shopping in the sales; we did this!!!! Even on the coast it was very sticky.

So it's a shower in due course before my overnight visitors arrive!

No camera activity today so here's a few I've taken over previous months....

Friday, 25 July 2008


Two dragonflies spotted over the last couple of days. On Thursday I'd seen a dragonfly around my garden pond and today it was there again - just as I got the camera up it flew off so not even in focus properly.

I think it's probably a darter but an ID would be very welcome.

Then walking with my grandson and the dog on Esher Common (around Black Pond) on Friday, J spotted this - which I'm sure is a Black-tailed Skimmer. Needless to say, I didn't have the 400 lens so this was taken with a Canon 70-300 IS lens - but not too bad for that!

Then, as we were walking away from the pond, a deer came leaping across ahead of us - I'm sure this must be a Sika deer; it was the right size but I need to research this before I can be sure. In all the time I've been walking here, I've never seen one before - so very pleased with that spot!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Skywatch Friday

Click here to link to Skywatch Friday

(Clicking on the picture will enlarge it)
I took this picture in West Sussex, UK (on 30 July 2006) because I like the cloud formation.

I've only just resurrected it and discovered this.
I believe it's a Buzzard

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Heat, a picnic, and help needed with Butterflies and Moths!

My grandson had his first day of the school holidays today and spent it with me. At his request we took a picnic into Richmond Park.

A very hot and humid day with a great deal of cloud about - not very comfortable! Whilst we were enjoying our lunch, a very young puppy - called Freda - came bounding over (who calls a dog Freda!?). The downside of this being that Freda trampled all over our lunch - which we then couldn't eat!; fortunately we had finished the majority of it!!

The owner merely grabbed the puppy and advised us "that it wasn't trained yet as it was too young" - in that case, why on earth did they let it run off on its own then!! I'm of the party that strongly advises that owners of the dogs should be trained - and preferably before they own a dog! Words fail me at times.

With that we walked a bit then headed back to the car and kiosk where we enjoyed ice creams - which partly made up for our ruined lunch. Hey ho - 'tis life!

It was mostly an insect day today - bees, moths, butterflies and other flying beasties were everywhere - great stuff!

But it makes be realise that I need to gen up on IDing most of them.

(Many thanks to Cheryl and Lynmiranda for help with IDs. )

This one plant of Ragwort played host to most of my "finds"

1. Small Copper

2. Small Skipper

3. I believe this is a Meadow Brown?

And now (3a) on the left - I'd like to think Gatekeeper but..
and (3b) on the right - Meadow Brown

4. The caterpillar of a Cinnabar Moth
pretty certain about this one!

5. OK on this one too - Six-spot Burnet (Moth)

Now these I CAN manage:
Two of three cygnets..

Coot and Black-headed Gull - not on speaking terms obviously!

and a Fallow Buck - they're so pretty at this time of the year especially!
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