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Friday, 31 October 2014

Venice Day 5 Friday 24 Oct - Wandering - when we should have been going home..

We should have been going home later today but because of flight cancellation due to industrial action, we're here for an extra couple of nights.

We had planned to go to Murano with our extra day, but decided to wander off to the food market and potter about in Venice itself as they buses weren't running a proper service either.

Oddly we saw some water buses(but later learnt they were running for an hour or so morning and evening only;  and we also discovered some flights were still leaving for the UK... but not our airline.

Twas a beautiful day in sunshine and warmth...


The Italian markets are something else and all those wonderful smells!!

The fish market had around 30 stalls and all beautifully presented!

Two feral pigeons making use of the drinking fountain to have a bathe!

Great spot for some lunch -

and a glass of vino :D

I was going to treat Pete to a drink in St Marks square... but having seen the prices we agreed we'd rather put the money to a bottle of vino!

Messrs Quacks and Pond enjoying the view - and yes, we're mad!  :D

Quacks... enjoying life :)

and yes, the tower DOES lean.

and tomorrow? our very last day, we're off to Murano....
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