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Monday, 21 September 2009

Was it something I said...

I was expecting two callers this morning. As readers of my previous post will know, I've been waiting for the "aerial" man! He was due - again - this morning, between 9 and 10. OK so the phone rang..... "most unusually xxx is ill - and we're very sorry but we will need to re-arrange"!! So he's now due on Wednesday at 9.00

I was expecting a friend this morning but unfortunately he wasn't feeling too well so the visit was postponed. However, he felt a bit better later so we met at LWC at Barnes for a cuppa and a natter.

On the way in, a very young moorhen was having a scratch.

After a cuppa and a chat with some fellow birders with cameras, we wandered along to the Dulverton hide. The Spotted Crake had been seen again that morning but not for a while. We didn't stay but on the way out two hobbies entertained with their aerial flights.

We then noticed some attention being paid to a group of autumnal-colour bushes. Very cleverly camouflaged were two Chiff Chaffs. They were very difficult to see with the naked eye, let alone focusing with the camera, but I managed a couple of shots.

After that, it was time to go, but as we sat and had a final cuppa, this Jackdaw came to keep us company. But as we didn't have any food to offer it, it looked at us haughtily before flying off.

A pleasant time, and I hope you feel better soon H :D


Warren Baker said...

Will you ever get your aeriel ? nice pics today Tricia

holdingmoments said...

Shy little things at times those Chiff Chaffs. You did well to get him.
Love those Jackdaw portraits too.

Midmarsh John said...

Well spotted with the Chiff Chaff. Have heard a few and I think I did get a glimpse once.
That is a very unnerving look being given in the second Jackdaw photo.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots of the Chiffies Tricia, probably the last you will see of them now as they are on their way South.
Nice shiny Jackdaw, surprisingly more colourful when examined at close quarters.

swatson said...

marvellous photos of the the colours of the bush too

Chris said...

HI Tricia,
Let's hope you will get the aerial one day... And chiff chaffs are amongst the most difficult bird to get, your second picture of it is just wonderful. They are moving all the time, so not so easy to take.

oldcrow61 said...

Those chiff chaffs are so well hidden. You'd hardly notice them among the leaves. That Jackdaw is just gorgeous.

Nature As Is said...

Beautiful shots today Tricia...I enjoyed them all. :)

Tricia said...

Warren - yes - got it today (Wed) hoorah!!

Keith - thank you. The Jackdaws are real posers in Bushy Park.

John - thanks. And yes, I think that Jackdaw had definitely got it's eye on me...

Roy - Thanks and yes, I shall miss hearing them around and about.

Shiela - thank you very much :D

Chris - Got the aerial today! It was quite a challenge to get the pictures as they were so well hidden in the colours of the bushes. So I'm reasonably pleased with the results!

OC - well hidden indeed! I do like the cheekiness of the Jackdaws!

Nature as Is - thank you :D

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