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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Bitterns abound at Barnes (London Wetland Centre)

I went birding today for the first time for a very long while! Went over to Barnes where everything was shrouded in mist. Had no particular expectations but it was to be a good day for Bitterns.

Out on one of the lakes this motley crew had assembled.... it was so misty near the water.

Nothing much about until I wandered over to the Wildside. From the first hide, one then two bitterns became visible.

At this point I will add that I nearly didn't post these pictures at all as:
a) the light was akin to twilight
b) it was misty
c) the birds were a long way off
d) I need to be a better photographer and
e) these are record shots only!!

Whilst we were watching the above chappie on the right, a second Bittern appeared from the left and headed right.

They were then both spotted, initially at different times, walking to the right along the grass. After a while they came back again and a bit of a quarrel broke out between the two of them.

Eventually one of them flew across
and landed in the reeds eventually disappearing altogether!

Just before leaving, I decided to walk on to the last hide and there were two more Bitterns out on the ice.... oh how I wish the circumstances for photography could have been better!

Still it was a good outing and the company was good too...... :D

and just on a personal note: Happy Birthday Dad - wherever you're watching down on us! ;)


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with record shots - like these!

They are funny when walking on ice!

Oh for a lovely clear day - then they hide!


Stewart said...

I would be very pleased with any of those shots Tricia. A great day out there...

The Quacks of Life said...

very nice.

my bittern just flew over!

Rohrerbot said...

Bittern. New bird for me today. They look really cool. Your shots are great and I like the narrative bunch the best:) It looked like a beautiful cool misty day.

oldcrow61 said...

Nothing wrong with those shots at all.

Phil and Mandy said...

I to would be pleased with those pictures Tricia!
Regards Phil

holdingmoments said...

These are great shots Tricia.
A most elusive bird; and to see more than one, well, I'm a little envious lol

Unknown said...

What an interesting post, especially the way the Bittern looks on ice. Boom & Gary.

Anonymous said...

Record shots only??? You worked with the weather conditions you had on the day!! Ok they may not win photographer of the year awards
but that does not make them any less good photo's! How lucky can you get with those Bitterns?? Good on you Tricia!


Anonymous said...

Very nice shots of the Bittern Tricia, well done.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photographs Tricia.
Happy New Year to you.

Ragged Robin said...

The bittern photos are great Tricia and how wonderful to get such good views.

Anonymous said...

Im so pleased you shared your Bittern pics,I can only dream of seeing one living in Northumberland

Anonymous said...

Im so pleased you shared your Bittern pics,I can only dream of seeing one living in Northumberland.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

250 miles apart and we got exactly the same photographs!!!
Your landing bird is very like the one we saw fly past us but was too quick for us to get a pic.

Great set of pics - even the first one of the shovelers and TDs could hve been taken up here



Gaina said...

I think they're perfectly good photos! I must see a Bittern, that's my goal for this year. For 2010 it was Reed Buntings and now they come to my bird feeder so I hope to continue in that vein. :)

Tricia Ryder said...

C - thank you.. and yes, they look so clumsy when walking

Stewart - thanks... it was quite exciting

Pete - thanks... and sorry you didn't get your bird

Rohrebot...glad to have introduced you to a new bird and thanks. It was a very cool day!!

OC - thank you :D

Phil.... many thanks to you

Keith - Pity you can't get down.. but it was a rare occurrence to see them like that.. normally they hide so well they look like a slightly different coloured reed patch!

Paul - it was pure luck that they decided to come out into the open. One of those times when the very cold weather goes in our favour but not good for the birds though.

Roy.. many thanks to you

Hi Costas... thanks and a very happy new year to you too

Geordie... seems you'll have to come south one winter then :)

Hi Davo - a bittern's a bittern regardless of location it seems! They seem to fly past so quietly and are there and gone before we can get the lens up!

Gaina - thank you...and I hope you get lots of Bitterns to your feeders too ;)

Tricia Ryder said...

RR - it was wonderful just to be able to watch them and a real bonus to come some pictures too.

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