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Monday, 30 May 2011

A Norfolk day out... and it didn't rain!

Been rather busy with boring domestic issues recently so it was great to have a couple of days break. Went up to Rye Meads on Friday but not a huge amount about except for the Swifts. About 40 (ish) down by the river; amazing sight just to watch them dipping and diving. Did catch a glimpse of the Kingfisher and I gather that the young have now fledged.

Then on Saturday, Pete and I headed north to Gooderstone Water Gardens which were enchanting. En route we stopped at Walkers for brekkie.... rather yummy. The queue was rather long as there was a Biking event on and several bikers were in the queue ahead of us... but Sausage, Bacon and Egg rolls and a cuppa certainly made the wait worthwhile.

As we walked around the Water Gardens, a new picture seemed to open up around every corner and, although amazingly it was acceptable weather for a change (normally we have anything but!), the flowers certainly added some lovely colour to the day.

This picture may look a little odd, but the Pike was very much in the water which was crystal clear and enabled us to see the fish quite clearly. I'm still surprised the picture turned out as reasonably as it did though.

OK so we had a quick cuppa and then went on to Oxburgh Hall. The wind had picked up quite noticeably by then so we were getting quite buffeted about.

There had been a scarecrow competition for local children and some amusing and clever exhibits were dotted around the garden.

The wind blew the title of this one which was...

"Woman of the Woods" (now who does that remind me of?)
(click to expand and read if you so wish)

Even the kitchen garden had amazing Turrets rather like the mansion.

A sleepy monk not far from the Chapel.
and another rather scary being....

The Parish Church had suffered damaged some centuries ago where the tower had fallen down and demolished a considerable part of the building..

This was amazing and made from Terracotta.

(and for a particular friend..... :D )

Wonderful colour in this border..

I can recommend the tea rooms and especially the Harvest cake and Coffee & Walnut (shared between us so the best of both worlds :D ) What was odd though (and I imagine it could be lack of space) is that you placed your order from the menu without seeing any food on counters. It was then waitress service to your table; the latter we were escorted to... This is the first time I've come across this at a National Trust tea room.

So two varied and quite different, beautiful places to visit, a very tasty meal when we got back and I was thoroughly spoilt. Thanks Pete :)

A great day out and not a drop of rain or sign of weren't we lucky!


Anonymous said...

Love the blue tit images and the poppies. And those scarecrows are, well, scary!

Roy said...

Another great trip Tricia and plenty of food to eat (I noticed).

Tricia Ryder said...

Di - thanks...scary indeed :)

Roy - was a good day all round :)

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos, Tricia - sounds like you had a great day out. The Water Gardens look really beautiful and well worth a visit.

The scarecrows look amazing and those last two rather frightening!

holdingmoments said...

Great selection of pictures Tricia.
I love the skull, the unusual figures and the flowers. It looks an interesting place.

I'm off to Rye Meads on Monday, so I hope there's plenty about then ;-)

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Caroline - it was a really good day out and we did have some sunshine albeit the wind was a bit annoying. Some very clever scarecrows that certainly did the job.

Keith - thank you - it was lovely!

I saw your blog about your visit and had things been different I would love to have joined you there.

Watch out for the breeding Kingfishers from the Kingfisher hide and have a 50p ready for the toll on the road to the reserve!!

I'm sure there will be plenty about. Pete had quite a bit around when he visited last Monday. It's his local!

oldcrow61 said...

The water gardens are indeed magical. I love the tree trunk and also the monk. Gives me ideas, lol. Now...that Skull...I want it!!!! Surely you and Pete can come up with a way to nick it, lol.

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