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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Walking the Dog - Day 4 and Final Day

We headed off this morning in brilliant sunshine and blue skies to "discover" the other end of Esher Common.

Again the same mixture of deciduous and coniferous woods and open heathland. Started out by climbing a fairly steep hill to walk along Longy Down which eventually would connect with the other end of Esher Common and the area that we walked on Day 1.

Walking through the deciduous woods bird song was evident all the time but it was interesting that when we entered the coniferous woods, the bird song was much reduced.

I wasn't so impressed with this end of the common (entering not far from Oxshott). Unfortunately despite its SSSI status, a major road (the A3) was built splitting the commons at this point. All the time whilst walking in this area, the constant drone of traffic was very audible.

Came across a very large clearing where it was evident that conifers had been felled some time ago and on a large scale. Having gleaned what little information is available about the management of the commons, it seems that there is a dispute as whether the felling of these trees is good or not. They were felled initially so that the heathland could be restored. However, from what is left today, no restoration has been undertaken. Rather sad really to come across this rather "bald" blot on the landscape.

Met many dog walkers including a very nice Scottish gentlemen who was able to point me down the right track back to the car park. He and his two-year old very friendly black Labrador walk the commons frequently and were familiar with a number of the not-so-evident tracks!

Got back to the car just in time as the heavens opened and down came the rain; then once home the thunder and lightning started.

Later today, my charge returns home. It's been good having her around and I shall miss our daily voyages of discovery.

It may not look steep but it was quite
a clamber to the top.

However, once at the top it was definitely worth
the climb.

This is one of the large cleared and, seemingly, abandoned

which would have looked like this!


Liz said...

It sounds like you've had a good time with your new friend, it's a shame you didn't have longer!

Mel said...

Amazing! Those two last pictures are shocking..

Island Rambles Blog said...

I enjoyed all the dog walking posts and look forward to whatever you are up to next tricia!!! I love posts on the parks and wildlife in other places.

Tricia said...

Thanks Ocean

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