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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A quiet day

This morning the water in the bird baths was frozen - only a thin layer of ice, but ice nonetheless and evidence of a slight frost. But the sun was shining and the sky was blue again.

The garden was very busy with birds and within the first 90 minutes of watching (from about 6.50 am.) I had the following visitors.

Firstly, 2 male blackbirds when it was hardly light enough to see them. A welcome return of these birds
Next up were 5 Long-tailed Tits - I heard these before I saw them in the early morning gloom
These were joined by:
3 Jays
3 Blue Tits
2 Great Tits
1 Dunnock
9 Goldfinches
7 Greenfinches
A sparrowhark flew through the garden at speed - but no catch!
7 Greenfinches
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker (male)
8 Ring-necked Parakeets
6 Feral Pigeons
16 Starlings - methinks they're back now!

The jays visited on and off during the day (from my occasional observations) and a couple of blue tits are having their supper as I type at 15.45.

I had a lunchtime commitment today when I attended my grandson's school review meeting. It's now official - his teacher advised that J was a Star and an excellent pupil - so congratulations J - well done - I'm really proud of the efforts you have made!

The day quickly detiorated into rain which was a shame as I'd hoped to go for a walk this afternoon.

But not a bad day's birding - and I hadn't even left the arm chair!!


Liz said...

No photos of said birdies?

Definitely a good day for you! I'm waiting for the days to begin getting longer again before I can even attempt to do any watching - light too dark when I leave and night when I arrive.

This morning it was obvious that there'd been snow or sleet, and as we're on a hill (hardly surprising for Sheffield) I had to take baby steps down to make sure I didn't skid over.

However, once the sun actually rose it was sunny and relatively clear skies all day. Cold, not as cold as yesterday though.

Still no real snow, but cars were going past me with an inch or so on, just don't know where they'd come from!

mick said...

That's a great list for birds in your yard. I am still planting things to encourage birds into my garden but it takes time when you start from nothing on a new house block.

Tricia said...

Liz - Sorry to pics - light wasn't good enough.

Mick - I consider myself to be very lucky with all my wildlife visitors. I live in a very woody area (suprisingly for suburbia) and I'm sure that's what attracts so many birds.

Good that you're planting for wildlife - your patience will be rewarded though.

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