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Monday, 25 May 2009

Staying local

This morning started fairly sunny. The first young families I saw were of Blue Tit, Great Tits and Long-tailed Tits. Up high in a tree sat a young Jay - lovely stuff.

The sun was now much stronger and flying around the Rhododendron were many bees and two Painted Lady flutters - first time I've seen them in the location.

Lots of Large Red Damselflies flying around the pond

and at least 4 pairs of these too

and I've now seen my first Shield Bug of the year

Oh - and the location for all the above? My back garden :D

Early afternoon I decided I must get some exercise and headed off for Esher Common. I was on the lookout for Dragonflies and I found some. Only problem was it was far too late in the day and they were very active. But, nonetheless, it was good practice for in flight subjects and, as my school reports were often to profess, - "Could do better"

I then headed off for another area and this time Black Pond. The two small pools have now dried up but in the large pond there was a little activity and, in a gentle breeze, some great reflections!

And the one and only dragonfly I saw - tucked away in the reeds. So this one comes in under the heading of "impressionist" photography.

I now await the thunder and rain as the storm clouds are now gathering!

Just to add that the Starling families are now back in the garden and the noise is wonderfully deafening. Coming a close second is one of the Blue Tit families with the youngsters calling to be fed and....

yes - the rain is finally here!


Jayne said...

Your pictures are just splendid Tricia, have you ever tried putting them in competitions? I'm sure they would win hands down!!

The Quacks of Life said...

flutters are nice.

as to dragons in flight. watch where they stop !!

Midmarsh John said...

Trying to capture flying dragonflies is certainly frustrating to say the least.
Nice reflections - love the reflected reeds.
It seems to me - the smaller the bird, the louder the sound sometimes.

Warren Baker said...

you did a good job on the flying drogons tricia. wish I had a reed fringed lake on my patch.

Tricia Ryder said...

Jayne - thank you for the great compliment. I entered a competition once but that was the end of that. Time will tell...

Pete - thank you. I was but I think they were too far away.

John - very frustrating but rewarding when you get it right!

Little Blue Tits have an amazingly loud voice in such a small body!

Warren - thank you. I'm lucky with the diversity of terrain around my way.

mick said...

Your garden sounds just beautiful and the photos of the 'flutters' on the flowers are lovely. Great water reflections too.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
Yes we can feel the sun in your pictures. Beautiful sunny morning was there it seems!!! Wonderful I love the reflection shots!

FAB said...

Large influx of Painted ladys in the last 48 hours. Loved the reflective photos Tricia. I thought flying birds was tough, but attempting dragons & damsels that's another story..well done.

Stewart said...

Hi Tricia, great photos. Are they Downy Emeralds ? I am hoping to catch up with them in the New Forest next month...

holdingmoments said...

Some good shots from around the garden Tricia. I saw a Painted Lady this morning, fluttering around at 5 a.m. Couldn't beleive it, thought it was way too cold that time of day.
The flying Dragons, well, yer putting us all to shame now. Excellent. Hard enough with birds flying, but Dragons.....
And the reeds and reflections, very calming.

Tricia Ryder said...

Mick - I've got a very mature garden now and I think that helps when trying to attract wildlife.

Chris - thank you. It was a wonderfully warm day and more like summer than spring!

Frank - yes - other blogs are referring to the invasion of Painted Ladies; and what a wonderful way to be invaded!

Stewart - Hi and thank you. I've no idea what the dragon is as there's not enough detail for a beginner like me to ID them. I'll have a look at Downy Emeralds though.

The two ponds that I visit are both known breeding areas for Emerald Dragonflies although they're not normally about until late June/early July.

Hope you find your Downies! :D

Keith - Thank you. Golly 5 a.m. is early for flutters!

I like trying to get flight shots of birds or dragons etc. and I'm working on the basis that "practice makes perfect"; but it's fun trying for perfection though.

Glo said...

Beautiful photos ~ I like how your sequence of photos evolves through various shades and textures ~ to capture such elusive creatures at all is amazing, but in flight ~ even more magnificent!

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos throughout Tricia and I thought your 'practice' photos were very good. I keep hearing about an influx of Painted Ladies, please send some my way! :)

The reflection photos look so restful. We had heavy rain overnight, but no thunder thankfully as Louis hates it and I'm not keen! So far no rain today...yet!

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