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Friday, 31 July 2009

I escaped...

For reasons I won't go into here, I've not been able to get out and about much over the last few days (although the weather hasn't been conducive to carrying a camera about) but today I managed a quick canter around Bushy Park.

I've also had a visit from my daughter who was up for a friend's wedding reception and dropped in for a cuppa - great to see you SPD - I miss y0u!

I was pleased to see the seven remaining Mute Swan cygnets growing up. They've reached that rather "uninteresting" stage, when they've lost their very new born "cuteness" and haven't yet developed enough white feathers of the teens; so for the moment are a rather dull and uninteresting grey. Not helped by the fact that the sun chose to disappear the minute I reached my destination!

I was surprised to see this very young family of seven Red-crested Pochards

and then to discover another family - this time a family of seven Tufted Ducks!

Along the path were two Black-tailed skimmers - ensuring the continuation of their species. What always amazes me is that dragons can fly about in this position.
(Needless to say they landed where I had to take the pic directly into the sun, and had no chance to get lower down for a better shot.) They then moved off as quickly as they'd arrived!
And thanks to Randy for help with this

Moving into the Woodland Gardens, the flowers were attracting many butterflies

Fresh as new paint Painted Ladies


Not sure about this one - it was tiny compared to the others
EDIT: It's a small copper. Thanks to Jerry for the ID :)

And a double bill - just in case you're wondering, the picture is the right way up!

And tomorrow....... who knows........ bet it's raining though......


Little Brown Job said...

Lovely images as ever Tricia, the little tufted ducks especially.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia - nice images. Your small butterfly you couldn't ID is a Small Copper, nice one.

Tricia said...

Thanks Paul. I was surprised that they've had a brood at the end of July!

Hi Jerry and great to see you here. Thanks for the flutter ID - it's obvious now I know! :D

I've amended the post accordingly.

mick said...

A very interesting post - and I definitely learnt something new! I often go hunting in my Aussie bird books after reading your blog to discover if there are any similar ones out here - and one book says that there has been one record of a Red-crested Pochard out here - in Darwin 1982!! It is listed as a Very Rare Vagrant!

karen said...

Another set of lovely photos Tricia. Love the baby tufted ducks, and the flutter pics x Hope you're feeling ok!!

Randy Emmitt said...

Oops, those are not two male dragonflies. You have a mated pair of dragonflies in what is called a "wheel" The male grasps the back of her head, she is designed to only have the males of her species do that. While he's grabbing on she gets her eggs fertilized.

Tricia said...

Mick - It's always interesting to compare species across countries!

Karen - Thank you - the little tufties were very pretty!

Randy - thank you very much for IDing the dragons properly and the info. I'd initially thought that but considered the colouring to suggest 2 males although the positioning certainly didn't!!

Midmarsh John said...

Most unusual posture in the first photo. Lovely sharp photo of the Black-tailed Skimmers. I think some of your birdy friends are producing offspring just so you can keep up the Awww factor :) Great flutterby photos as well.
Enjoy your weekend. Looks like Sat. could be a bit damp from time to time but it seems to be looking up for Sunday.

shirl said...

Hi there Trisha, hope you are well. I guess it must be hard adjusting to your daughter and grandson having moved away. Sounds like you saw them regularly.

Sorry it’s been a while since I last popped by. Blog browsing time gets shorter by the week just now. Everyone has the same problem I’d guess :-)

I always love to see your wonderful bird and insect pics in particular as many subjects I have never seen like the little tufted ducks. I also enjoyed seeing your butterflies. Our visitors have been few but I did see a small tortoiseshell the other day… ran in for my camera and it was well gone when I got back :-(

Wishing you a great weekend… I’m back to the kitchen shortly to prep more for an 80th birthday celebration today. Thanks for adding Randy’s link… I popped by and it is a very interesting blog :-D

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful photos as usual. Love the little baby ducks. Always brings a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, I have never seen baby Tufties. Lovely little things.
So you escaped, I heard they were looking for you.{:)

Tricia said...

John - I think you're right about the new families popping up everywhere - they seem a bit late to me though. And yes - Saturday has been very damp!

Shirl - lovely to see you here again and thank you for your kind comments. And yes I did see my daughter and grandson very regularly and my grandson stayed with me a great deal.

80th birthday - very special.

OD thank you :) The ducklings are real cuties aren't they!

Tricia said...

Roy - I've only been aware of them in particular for the first time this year - perhaps it's a good year for them.

They may have been looking for me Roy (LOL) but they've yet to find me!

ShySongbird said...

Beautiful photos Tricia, I suspect the butterflies will really suffer again this year if the weather keeps going as it has been lately. We have had driving rain nearly all day today, I'm sure if we didn't live on a hill we would have been flooded, I hope (but doubt!) it is better where you are.

Tricia said...

HI Jan and thanks. Yes it's been raining but yesterday (Sat) it was mostly dry but grey with rain later in the day. I'd spent the whole day finishing cutting back the dividing 8ft high hedge - rain drove me away eventually.

I hope the flutters don't suffer too much but.......

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Tricia - at last the time to pop by to enjoy some more of the lovely and often cute pictures you always take - love the little ducklings... the thought of you cantering around the park did make me smile though!! I do know exactly what you mean - often life takes place at the speed of a canter... mine for one! Hopefully today you take it at walking pace... but talking of that I may take a trip into Dinan as they have 2 days of horse racing here - just an annual thing but all good fun and very informal - nothing like the sights you see at Goodwood though! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Miranda x

Billy said...

Small Coppers?! Well done, Tricia. Still looking for that for my Bushy Park list! Same with the B-T skimmers. I think that the father of those cute Red crested Pochard chicks is a Mallard. When they grow up some may have a beautiful purple head like the one I found on Heron Pond back in February...


Tricia said...

Hi Miranda Good to see you here again. Cantering's about my top speed these days Lol.

Never been to Goodwood but I leave withing 1/2 mile of another well known racecourse.

Bill, Thanks. I shall keep an eye open for "different" RC Pochards in the future. Very purple heads of those you found in Febuary!

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