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Sunday, 20 December 2009


As dawn broke, the sky revealed itself and gradually the sun came over the horizon. High up in the Eucalyptus in the garden, sat a Ring-necked Parakeet. Who would think it was mid December and below freezing!!

My recent winter visitors have included: Song Thrush and Redwing, the latter on four different days now. And this morning also yielded a Nuthatch. It's the latest in the year and, for the longest time, I've seen Nuthatches visiting - fingers crossed they'll stay around..

Still no snow here (thank goodness), but very very icy - not nice!

I needed to do some Christmas-related shopping and so left to arrive in town as the shops opened. Despite this I still had to drive high up in the car park. Shopping done as fast as possible and, with temper still remarkably intact, I headed for home and a quick sandwich.

I felt I had to make the most of the sunshine and headed over to the London Wetland Centre. The pathways were treacherous and it was exceedingly difficult to remain upright. I just walked around one side of the reserve; it was difficult looking in the bushes and up in the trees for birds, whilst trying to keep an eye on the icy patches.

Several Cormorants flew over..

and some Canada Geese

Around in the usual spot, the Chiff Chaff was still about; but made it quite clear what it felt about having its picture taken..

In the same group of bushes, but high up in the trees, this Goldfinch was not so bothered.

I slithered my way back to the visitor centre; disappointed at the lack of birds out on the water but it was, in the main, mostly ice and the water levels (or ice levels) still remained high after all the rain.

Home for a cuppa!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, you are a brave lady ventureing out in this weather!
I stayed put, brew and bacon butties. Once again love those flight photo's. The Chiffchaff was not a happy birdie was he,lol.
Nice one of the Goldfinch too.


holdingmoments said...

Very brave venturing to the shops this time of year. Thank goodness for online shopping lol

Good to see blue sky for a change; really makes those Cormorants stand out.
Cracking shot of the Parakeet.

Wilma said...

It might be cold, but just look at that blue sky! What a treat to see. And you got some very nice photos as reward for your venture into the cold and ice.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
Beautiful shots, and yes you are a brave lady! Going out in frost.. I've been trying but it is definitively too cold around here, but like you, you do not have any snow around the city, just in the land! Strange winter!

Warren Baker said...

well done for getting out in the cold Tricia. You can sit down to a mug of tea and a large mince pie now, knowing you deserve it!

Bob Bushell said...

That is a glorious bird, the Ring-necked Parakeet. They don't come around here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, its a bit dodgy walking about in that weather. Better to keep the camera in the bag and stop at strategic positions and take photographs on the spot.

oldcrow61 said...

We may be going to Gander tomorrow for some last minute shopping. I'm dreading it...the line ups at the cash registers, sigh! Love the pictures. I'm still smitten with the one as your header.

Midmarsh John said...

How have you managed to escape the snow. 4 to 5 inches here, which is rare for this part of Lincolnshire.

Great series of photos.

Janine said...

Hi Tricia, just catching up, you've got some amazing shots lately. The stags in snow are particularly good. Be careful driving in all the snow and ice!

Chris said...

Coming back to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year! See you in 2010...

ST said...

Fantastic header, my favourite of your pics.

Tricia said...

Paul - I needed the fresh air and that was enough incentive. Ooooh bacon butties though..

Keith - I have to admit to not liking shopping at this time of the year at all!!

Wilma - amazing blue sky which is wonderful on a winter's day.

Chris thank you. We've still managed to avoid the snow despite what's happening not that far from me!

Warren - thanks. And as you've been so kind to offer, I shall look forward to that cuppa with a mince pie ;)

Bob - they are very exotic and colourful birds; but if you had as many as I do, you might regret having them!

Roy - I was very very careful and mostly walked on the edge of the grass - despite the signs telling us not to!

OC - hope the Gander trip wasn't too bad! And thank you for the head comment!! :D

Janine - thank you very much. I shall take care!

Chris - Happy Christmas to you to.

ST - thank you - I'm rather pleased with it. and a Merry Christmas to you to.

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