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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Snow Buntings... but further south today

I was on my way back from a birdie day with Pete (see yesterday's blog) and decided I'd have a slight detour before I got home so I stopped off at the Widewater Lagoon again.

When I first arrived I a Little Egret flew in at the same time.  By the end of my walk I'd seen four of them on the Lagoon.  Also saw 8 Little Grebes - reports from other birders were that in excess of 20 had been seen earlier!  Lots of cormorants and dozens of gulls and one lonely Redshank.

I walked along the beach and was advised that the two Snow Buntings that have been around for a few days were further up feeding on the shingle.  I headed off and was lucky to see them.  I'd been kneeling down trying to get some decent shots in the appalling light and they were coming nearer to me all the time - until, that is, a woman with 3 energetic dogs came along the beach and the dogs bounded up to me and scared off the Buntings.

I later learned she's been asked by one of the local Bird Club members to be kind enough to avoid that particular spot - but she refused stating she had every right to walk her dogs on the beach!!

And at the furthest point the Snow Buntings..

A Cormorant gazed out to sea

On my way back I saw several Turnstone on the rocks on the beach, waiting for the tide to go out; and with them was a Sanderling (?)  (if anyone could confirm or otherwise my ID I would be grateful)

Sanderling ?

and then home... blew the cobwebs away and was rewarding birdwise..


Eagleseagles said...

Glad you got Snow Buntings for your Sussex list!
Its such a shame when Dog walkers dont understand why they are being asked not to walk somewhere its as if you said they had no rights!

Many on the other hand understand and thats great!

Oscar Dewhurst said...

Nice shots Tricia.
You're right, it is a Sanderling.


Roy said...

Yes lovely little Sanderling Tricia.
Soem dog owners are responsible others are downright *??+**% ??

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots. Too bad about the woman and her dog.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

I've really enjoyed seeing the birds you find across the pond. It's too bad about the dog owner's attitude. During my outings, I've experienced dogs that chased away a bobcat (my first ever sighting, too), jumped all over me with muddy prints, gave my husband a horrible poison oak rash, have pooped in the ocean not 2 feet away from wading children... and then I've also encountered incredibly considerate owners, which I wish could teach the others about simple respect.

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