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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sheffield Park - briefly and Warnham LNR

Not what I'd planned today.. Started off OK and got the Sheffield Park... enroute wasn't feeling that good.... thought a wander might help... I lasted about 30 minutes and came home.  Can't believe I visited and never went for a scone!!  Felt a bit better after I was home.. so went for  a local wander to Warnham.

A few pics... a very few

Came home and pain eased so off I went to Warnham.. very grey and cold.. not many birds about..

but the woolly lawnmowers were doing their job well..

and a bench is handy when you want to ease an itch


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Those sheep are well protected against the winter

Tricia Ryder said...

Certainly feel they won't mind the cold Simon!!

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