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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A post in brief

Hugh, a friend of mine, was keen to catch the Great Crested Grebes in Bushey Park, so this morning we duly set off. Had a very enjoyable day but didn't get back until this afternoon and, as this evening I'm being taken out for a celebratory meal by my Daughter and grandson, I've not a great deal of time to process the pictures.

The day was warm, but cloudy all day with the sun peaking through for about 5 minutes! Just shows you how wrong the forecast can be, especially when planning a photographic day!

Saw a good variety of birds including 2 Grey Wagtails (a first for me in Bushey) and a Reed Bunting singing its heart out at the top of the tree. These in addition to the normal park birds and beasts!

Just a couple of pics to be going on with and a few more to follow another day.

I'm kicking myself for cutting off the tail of this mute swan!

It being a virtually windless day, the birds were well reflected in the water.

more to come.......


Chris said...

Hi tricia,
These are wonderful pictures of swan. We have the whooper swan here, which is a bit bigger but when the sun is there and no wind, then you can really get nice capture, like yours!!

Jayne said...

What a majestic looking bird!!

mick said...

Lovely reflections.

The Early Birder said...

A lovely mirror image. Enjoy your meal out - surely well deserved.

Billy said...

Hey Tricia,

I'm glad you got the Grey Wags in the end, they were great photography targets for me when I went but I was too rubbish to make use of the opportunity! Hope you did better.


Tricia said...

Chris: thank you :) - the water was great for reflections today.

Jayne: he is rather a handsome beast!

Mick: thank you

FAB: Thank you (blush!)

Billy: No pics of the Grey Wagtails. They were on the same island that you saw them on, but on the WRONG side. Could only see them with binocs from the other bank!

holdingmoments said...

Hope you enjoyed your meal, and look forward to seeing the rest of your pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the swan reflection photographs. A lovely sunny day today, Wednesday, so I am sure you are out and about. I am off to Wisley later, haven't been there since the start of the butterfly exhibition. Looking forward to seeing the special orchid display that finishes this weekend, in the Glasshouse and also the spring flowers. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photographs.

oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful reflections you've captured. Looking forward to the rest of your pictures.

ShySongbird said...

Great pics Tricia

Tricia said...

Holdingmoments: The meal and evening were great thanks.

Jackie: Down in Sussex for the day - hope you enjoyed Wisley.

OC: Thanks. There's something magical about reflections in still calm water.

ShySongbird: Thank you :)

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