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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A wildlife update...

I'm currently on Grandson duty which means the school run. Consequently my day is a tad shorter than normal - but it's great having him.

Firstly - the frogspawn that was being produced from 25 February is no longer frog spawn. I'd been noticing that the little black dots that first represented the spawn had become wriggly "brown worms" and, in the last couple of days, the spawn has gone and now there are hundreds of tiny tadpoles; so now I shall be watching for the appearance of legs and arms etc.

I had an hour to spare so I had a dash to Bushey Park. Still no sign of the Great Crested Grebes although I did only have time to walk the first third of the pond and use binoculars to scan the remainder - to no avail. Weather permitting I hope to go back in the next couple of days for a more comprehensive look.

Next to check was the progress of the two Egyptian Goslings in the Woodland Gardens. They are still there, still OK and now the difference in their size is even more noticable.

On arrival in the Gardens, I witnessed a viscious fight between two crows. If you're feeling nervous, the outcome was a happy one with the victim surviving and flying off! What was interesting is that there were about eight other crows in the surrounding trees making an incredible racket - as though they were cheering on the two fighters.

Crow Warfare

The Egyptian Geese Goslings - doing fine!

Here you can see how significantly bigger one is from the other. I find this very strange

and having a leg and wing stretch.

The gardens are becoming very colourful now with Daffodils, Vinca, Magnolia flowers starting to open, lots of Blossom and the like. I didn't have the landscape lens with me today but nonetheless....
Vinca Major

Bursting buds of Magnolia

Pink Blossom

All this followed by a quick dash to school.
When the sun wasn't out it was extremely cold in the wind!


holdingmoments said...

Just found your 'tales' by wandering around, and very interesting. Great pictures, and those goslings are superb.
Quite a scrap you've captured by the Crows. :)

mick said...

Beautiful spring flowers! Any suggestions as to why there is such a size difference in those goslings? A very interesting sequence of photos for the crow fight! You see and document such a range of interesting things.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blossom and the Goslings are coming on a treat Tricia.

Graham James said...

Great photos, yet again, Tricia.

Warren Baker said...

I found my first mallard ducklings today trish. Like the crow fight sequence!
PS it was cold in the wind today!!!

Midmarsh John said...

I can just picture the crows in the trees shouting "Fight, fight!" - just like a school playground.
Gorgeous pictures of the goslings - couldn't you just tuck one under your arm.
It's a lovely time when the blossom trees are out. We just have to hope for gentle breezes so it lasts for a decent while.

The Early Birder said...

Where was the referee?

Love the blossom & the cute Goslings. Well done Tricia.

Tricia said...

Hi Holdingmoments: thanks and nice to see you here. The Goslings are certainly growing but they lose their "cute" appeal as they get their adult plumage. I've paid yu a quick visit but will be back to read more.

Mick: A friend (who used to breed birds) suggests it could be something to do with the quality of the egg as this can make a big difference to the eventual bird!

Roy - the mass of blossom was beautiful; just hope it doesn't suffer too much in the forecast rain!

Graham: thank you once again :D

Warren: It's great to see the young birds again :) The noise the crows were making was amazing; in fact I heard them before I saw them!

John: Think you've got a point there Lol

I believe I could have tucked both under my arm - they let me get so close and the parents weren't at all worried either! But I was watching very quietly which may have helped.

Frank: Thank you. I think the ref had gone for the fruit.

Laubaine said...

magnifique images de printemps :)

Tricia said...

Laubaine - Merci et bienvenue.

J'aime les printemps :D

ShySongbird said...

Hi Tricia,
What a battle those Crows had, very glad you told us it had a happy outcome...I'm a terrible softie!
Delightful pics of the Goslings and lovely blossom too.
Also striking photos in your previous post of the Parakeets, I still find it hard to believe they are in this country. They haven't reached our area and although it would be fascinating to see them I'm not sure I fancy them taking over the bird feeders etc!

Yoke, said...

Lovely spring photos. The Crow behaviour says something for the species. Loud and unruly.

How long will grandson be staying? Hope the weather improves for more lessons in Nature for him to learn. (if there is anything left he does not know about, that is.)

Chris said...

A very nice psot Tricia, and it looks like spring has arrived at your place. Not yet at ours!!! The fight pictures are very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Love the goslings with sticky-out legs. And what gorgeous blossom. Your spring is springing a bit before ours.

Cheryl said...

Well done Tricia for capturing the crow scrap.....these are the things that are a priviledge to witness.....
As always beautiful photographs.....

Tricia said...

SS - Jan: it really was a battle and
Yoke: Yes - loud and unruly is absolutely spot on.

Chris: thank you. It seems so and to have happened very suddenly.

DB - so we can also look forward to your spring? Two in one year - that's great :D

Cheryl: Yes I would agree - a privilege indeed and being in the right place at the right time!

Jayne said...

Great shots yet again Tricia, I would have been so nervous to watch the crow fight but it sound tlike all was well in the end. I wonder if the other crows had placed a bet!!!!lol

Tricia said...

Thanks Jayne: From the audience participation and noise they were making, I'm sure many bets had been placed!

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