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Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Wool Cycle..

What a glorious day. The sun shone and was warm. Bees in the garden and a yellow Brimstone! An orange coloured flutter also flew past, but too far away to get anything more than an impression. It's soooo exciting!

Unfortunately, a Robinia tree in my mother's garden has died. There has been a particular disease that has affected many Robinias in the south of England so after really flagging for the last year the tree has finally given in - it's going to be removed tomorrow.

So today found Mum and I driving through Arundel to reach Arundel Arboretum This is a wonderful place to go if you need to buy a new tree. Tim (who looked after us) was extremely helpful in giving Mum advice as to what would suit her garden and needs. She has purchased a Sorbus Discolor. It has white blossom in the Spring, wonderful Autumn colour and berries! It normally blooms in April/May so hopefully we'll see some blossom this year.

In a field next to the tree centre was a small flock of ewes; some with their newly born lambs and some still ladies-in-waiting. Tim had made the decision that a flock of sheep was a better way of keeping the field's grass under control than by mechanised means.

What I really enjoyed about the visit, was the number of birds in and around all the trees for sale. Apparently birds often made their nests in the trees so purchasers sometimes have to wait for delivery of their chosen items. Saw Goldfinches and Blue Tits and heard Nuthatches. Apparently a visit from a Fieldfare has been observed and also Bullfinches are regular visitors.

If you live in or near West Sussex and wish to buy trees or plants for your garden, then I would recommend a trip to Arundel Arboretum!! You'll get friendly and informative advice about trees and plants - you might even get a tip on delivering lambs which is what Tim was doing yesterday! (Farmer turned tree/plant specialist)

A few woolly friends (photographed with kind permission of Tim - thank you!)

Some of the youngsters were only 24 hours old - aw!


mick said...

Very cute! I hope your Mum enjoys her new tree.

Attila The Mom said...

Lovely pictures! Tim sounds like a very interesting character!

Tricia said...

Mick: I'm sure she will and hopefully enjoy this year's blossom too.

Attila - he was very interesting and so enthusiastic. I'd have liked to have had longer to chat.

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