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Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Bittern sighting again...

My apologies as, once again, my posts are becoming like buses - nothing for ages then....

I awoke this morning to find that, as dawn broke, the sun came out and the sky was blue; and the wind had dropped. So I headed off for the London Wetland Centre in search of birds and Bitterns. Nothing particularly noteworthy in terms of birds; the water level after the torrential rain had risen considerably; not good for waders!

But the Bittern was finally spotted in a different place from where I'd seen it before. It stayed shy for most of the time but eventually ventured a little nearer the waters edge before disappearing into the reeds again. Miles away so only a record shot.

Whilst we stood waiting and waiting, this Canada Goose flew overhead.

Finally I abandoned my watching post and came across this Great Crested Grebe having a stretch..

Up in a bush as the day wore on, a Robin serenaded me with it's wonderful song. There's something about Robins of which I shall never tire...

A Shoveler posed on my way out..

and the sun caught the Swan statue at the foot of Sir Peter Scott.

As the sun was getting lower in the sky, I popped in to Bushy on the way home. Loads of people about so didn't stay long and hadn't the daylight time to go much further into the park.

A Mallard caught the sun as it preened

And the ever present Black-headed Gulls were competing for food as usual..

Lovely to have the sun and no wind or rain. Charged the batteries somewhat....


oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures of the birds in flight. They're all wonderful photos.

Anonymous said...

As long as they are not red with four wheels and run infrequently Tricia.
The Bittern, well at least you got to see it at last.

Wilma said...

Glad you got to see the bittern, Tricia. I do love to see them. That second shot of the blackheaded gull with the sunlight filtered through its wing feathers of really special; great shot. Seems like a very good day you had!


holdingmoments said...

A much better day today weatherwise, lots of blue sky in your shots; just like a summers day. Love that Shoveler. Great plumage colours on them at the moment.
And well done with the Bittern again.

The Early Birder said...

Well you picked the right day & weather...Bittern again. Nice one Tricia. FAB.

P.S. Will be in touch next week when we get back from Norfolk probablky soaking wet!

avalon said...

Loved the picture of the robin singing away, we now have a little one coming in the garden and to the bird table happily singing away, lovely to listen and watch it brightens my day. Glad yougot to see the bittern.

Tricia said...

OC - thank you; they were dive-bombing around as people were throwing bread out to them.

Roy - No ha ha; my posts will never be red!

Lovely to see the Bittern - next time I go hopefully it'll be a little nearer.

Wilma - Thank you. It's exciting every time you see one and how ever far away they are!

Keith - yes lots of blue; almost forgotten what it looked like!

The Shovelers are great in their winter finery I would agree :)

Thanks Frank. You're in Norfolk - I'm green! Look forward to hearing from you :)

J - It's lovely to hear Robins singing - especially when they're in your own garden. And yes - they certainly bring a smile to the day.

Anonymous said...

Well done on the Bittern photo Tricia. Birds in flight, an art form in it's self. But you seem to have a real knack for it. Yes those Gulls! but hey you know me and Gulls lol. The 3 inividual Black Headed, flight photo's superb, enlarged the feather detail is amazing, they would be a credit for any Gull mag, and for Gull fans studying their moult pattern. More please.


Chris said...

Beautiful post again Tricia, full of beautiful pictures. I love the stretching grebes. I missed our slavonian grebe, but the mallard are still around and will stay for the winter...

Mel said...

Nice to hear that the batteries are charged up!
This post is beautiful Tricia, amd lovely pics to go with it.

Midmarsh John said...

Lovely set of photos, Tricia.
The last GCG looks as though it is showing you the size of the fish that got away.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos! Great gull shots and I totally agree about Robins.

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read this article. Thank author for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.

Miranda Bell said...

Thought it was about time to have a read of some blogs this morning before I head out myself - what a great chance to see a Bittern - I've never seen one in my life... I did spot our first Goldcrest 2 days ago though which was v. exciting! Hope you're keeping well - Miranda x

Tricia said...

My apologies to Paul, Chris, Mel, John, Jan (SS, Anonymous and Miranda for this very late reply to your comements.

Paul - You have me blushing at your kind words. I will try for more.... :D

Chris - Thank you. I do like Grebes and they look so different in their Winter plumage.

Mel - Thank you; batteries were charged but with all the rain now, I think they need charging again!

John - thank you as usual. And LOL yes, it does look as though it's spinning a yarn!

Jan - yes there's something special about a Robin isn't there!

Anon - thank you for visiting and I'm glad you enjoyed reading the post.

Mirand - great to see you again. Lovely to spot Goldcrests - such shy little birds that dart around so quickly.

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