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Monday, 30 November 2009

Light and dark

Grey skies, sunshine, torrential rain, hail and very cold winds. If nothing else our weather in the UK is varied; but I'm not complaining - my home is dry and, since the local authority put in a flood relief scheme in the 1950's (before I lived where I do), my home is dry and not under flood water. I have a lot to be grateful for.

Last Friday I went down to Sussex to give my daughter a lift back up this way. Her car (a 1979 Mini) was ready having had some work done to get it through the MOT! It passed. When the car was being filled with petrol, the tank gave out. It's now gone back to it's carer and hopefully will be ready to come home again this coming weekend!!

I went a bit earlier and had a "walk" along the beach. I started into the wind and although I took some shots of Turnstone and Dunlin they were too poor to save. I couldn't hold the camera still in the wind! But the grey skies and very occasional glimpses of the sun made for some interesting shots.

And today, I managed to escape and get out to stretch my legs. Only went as far as Bushy Park and again, had a mixture of sunshine and very dark skies!

The wind was strong so I headed off for the Woodland Gardens; the colours are good at the moment.

It seemed, after that part of the walk, as though everything was up in the trees.
This squirrel, one of three, was eating high up

and precariously balanced..

teetering towards the end of the branch
where it sat and ate oblivious of...

being out on a limb!

A Grey Heron flew up into another tree...

I'd been attracted to it by the noise of several protesting Ring-necked Parakeets. They either start dive-bombing the Herons or they fly off. In this instance (there were about 15 of them), the 11 (ish) that are in this picture, got bored waiting for the Heron to go and left.

On the way back to the car, the sun briefly glimpsed through the cloud as this Red Deer Hind turn back to see who was there..

Got back to the car in the dry!!


Anonymous said...

Love those seascapse's Tricia, the clouds have a great moody effect.


Warren Baker said...

It was another dire day here Tricia. Looks like you made the best of the day though. I like the Heron shot with the parakeets!

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
I guess we are now all fighting with light conditions but the park shots are really beautiful in terms of light! Sometime we just need to be patient.

Blyde Neser said...

I love your blog, stunning pictures that tell a beautiful story!

holdingmoments said...

Good selection Tricia.
Like the feeling of space in the second, at the beach, and the surrounded Heron in the tree.

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots Tricia. I like the moody ones of the sea and sky.

Anonymous said...

Love the seascape shots Tricia.

avalon said...

The shot of the dear is great, and that squirell looks very precarious up that tree!!
The sea looks brilliant this time of year, uncontrolable at times!

Midmarsh John said...

In the first series of shots some people were obviously taking advantage of the windy conditions. Braver souls than I.

Your photo of the Woodland Gardens reminds me of a local spot - Hubbards Hills - which has a very similar scene. I haven't been there for years so I must check up on it some day.

karen said...

lovely pics Tricia, LOVE the squirrel pics, hilarious xxx

Janine said...

That last shot looks like a painting. So scenic. Amazing work.

Tricia said...

Paul - thank you; and thank you for your 'unpublished' comment - much appreciated!

Warren - the final score: heron x 1; parakeets x 0 !

Chris - yes, it's the time of year but thank you. Patience is something I lack LOL

Keith - Thanks. It's a great place to be and when the tide's out, the beach seems to go on forever.

Blye Neser - thank you for visiting and good to see you here. Equally thank you for your very kind comments.

OC - thank you. You're right in your description - definitely a moody day.

Roy - thank you. There's something about the sea.

J (Avalon) - thank you :d You're right about uncontrollable sea; but it's very exciting because of that.

John - very brave souls. I felt cold just watching them. Glad I've acted as a reminder. Hopefully you'll have some pictures of Hubbards Hills very soon?

Karen - Thank - the squirrels were very entertaining.

Janine - Thank you so much. It was just one of "those moments" that simply happened. I love those moments..

ST said...

squirrel's for me, it's the movement or sense of it, and the sea a near second

Tricia said...

Thanks ST. The squirrels kept me entertained for a while. And I love the sea; especially when it's in "moody" conditions.

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