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Sunday, 21 March 2010

A somewhat dull day

The forecast said sunny intervals. It was def not an "sunny interval" when I set off. And during the rest of the day we may have had a "sunny interval" of about 10 minutes and that was it!

High on my neighbour's roof as I got the car out, this blackbird was singing for Queen and Country - lovely.

In Bushy the usual suspects.
Reflective Mandarin..
I saw at least 3 Green Woodpeckers at the same time. Deep in the woods both these and Great Spotted Woodies were very evident by sight and the sound of drumming!

He wouldn't come any closer!
and this one was perched on the uppermost part of the tree
A poor shot but it's always seems strange to me to see a Mandarin Duck up a tree!

Of the four Egyptian Goslings - there are now only 3

Snoozing Mallard - the markings are great!

And this pure white Mallard. I've not seen this in Bushy before. Its eyes were very pale even when opened. I think there may have been something wrong, as it was shaking most of the time :(

From there, I headed off for Painshill Park.

Had a quick sandwich and a cuppa (their prices are not that bad) and this friendly Robin dropped by hoping for a few crumbs!

Fungus still about - I was surprised to see it still.

The raindrops were still apparent on this emerging Daffodil

and two buds were nearly open.

I was rather surprised to see this group "charging" at Painshill!

And the stars of the day; a pair of Great Crested Grebes. The pair at Bushy seem to have disappeared so it was great to see these two. The light was still dull and the water rippling dark. No weed dancing today but I shall continue to keep an eye on them!


Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
You still managed to get a great day and some nice shots. I love the reflection mandarin duck. The colors are very nice on that shot in which we do not see that the weather was bad.
The charging troupe is also very impressive and I can feel your surprise ;-)

holdingmoments said...

I think I had your share of the sun here; it's been like summer lol

You still managed a great day though. Love that reflective Mandarin.

TonyC said...

Nice selection Tricia.

Anonymous said...

HI Tricia, yes Grebes, I can never catch them at it either, weed dancing that is.

The Early Birder said...

It may have been a dull day but you captured plenty of colourful activity including the battle charge...what a surprise! Love the Mandarin; I'm still waiting to see if they return to a pond locally.

oldcrow61 said...

A great shot of the Mandarin with reflection. The flowers are beautiful...I'm jealous!

Warren Baker said...

The weather was a bit of a let down tricia I agree! I enjoyed your tales from the park though.

Tricia said...

Chris - thank you. The charging troupe, fortunately, was some way away...:D

Keith - that's where it went then! Now don't be greedy please :D Mandarins always seem to have been "painted by numbers" the markings are so well defined!

Tony - thank you.

Roy - just as well they didn't otherwise I would have been very disappointed not to get some shots in the appalling light!

Frank - fingers crossed your locals will return ere too long.

OC - thank you. I wish I could send some flowers and spring growth your way....

Tricia said...

Warren - it's a bit brighter today but can't go birding! Always the way isn't it! Glad you enjoyed the walk in the park with me :D

karen said...

A beautiful ppost Tricia x your pictures are amazing!! Looks like a lovely day xxxx

ST said...

Love the header.

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