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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wet, wet, wet with a working camera

Yesterday I took my errant camera up to Vauxhall to leave it for repair. The assistant, on receipt of my camera, attached one of their lenses and tried it out - it worked! The shutter clicked in its merry way without a hesitation. Doh. It was then suggested that it could have been the lens that caused the problem - and of course, I hadn't bothered taking the lens as it had worked properly on my other camera!

They offered to run a diagnostic test to ascertain the fault. This done, it determined that the first problem was a shutter malfunction with the camera followed by the lens having a malfunction.

I came home - attached the lens and hey presto! everything's working fine! I just don't understand it. So for the time being I shall continue to use both as they are and await events. If it happens again (even if it rights itself) I shall definitely take both back for them to look at as they suggested.

So today I wanted to try out camera and lens. The weather was appalling - grey dull and wet. I went into Bushy as soon as the worst of the rain was over and managed just a few shots. I tried taking RAW pics and these are the results.

(Don't forget - if you click on the pictures, they will enlarge and can be seen in more detail!)

Against the rain, a duck landing

The rain started again in ernest and as soon as I'd taken this group of Red-Crested Pochards I dashed back to the car!

I drove to the visitor's centre and waited for the rain to stop while I had a coffee. Eventually, it did and this Mute swan obliged by posing!

I then noticed frenzied activity - these two male Mallards were having a vicious fight

On a more peaceful note, this wonderful pink blossom brightened up the day... soon several of the trees will turn fully pink and it will make a good picture!

The silver birch looked good

With that the heavens opened and I had to protect my camera within my jacket whilst I ran some way back to the car.

Having dried out when I got home, I watched the Goldfinches and others having a snack. It was still raining and this was taken through double-glazing.

The reason the feeder has lost so much of its green coating, is that the Ring-necked Parakeets wear it away getting the seeds out!

So the camera and lens have both behaved themselves I'm glad to say!! Just hope it stays that way!!


Anonymous said...

Those photos look pretty good to me Tricia. Is it a 40D you have. If so the shutter is supposed to last for 100,000 shots. Apparently this can vary from camera to camera.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
I would tend to bring it back immediately if you think that it might happen again. Things are only getting worse when you wait too much..
Meanwhile you got very nice pictures, and the one of the mandarin, the portrait, is magnificent!!!
I love also the red-crested pochard!!!

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like it's all working properly.

holdingmoments said...

Glad you've got the camera problem sorted Tricia.
That Mandarin really is a beauty; and all those RC Pochards, quite a sight.
Blossom is a treat to see too.
A good day you had, despite the rain.

Neil said...

Great photos as ever Tricia.

SOrry to hear of your camera trouble. I had a minor problem with my memory card slot a while back which I got fixed by Pentax quite quickly, but was still without a camera for a while!

The Early Birder said...

I'm glad to hear all's well with the gear. I dread something like that happening, particularly as I don't have a 2nd camera!
Very nice close shot of the Mandarin (saw my first for 2010 3M+2F at Epsom today so hopefully breeding soon). FAB.

Midmarsh John said...

A big relief that everything is working OK. Dull day or not you managed some great shots Tricia.

Warren Baker said...

You made the best of a bad day Tricia, I tried the 'photo's through the wet windows' as well today!

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