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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Decisions on venue - Ham House it is then!

I was just driving away from the cash machine pondering whether to visit Ham House or Polsden Lacey when the mobile rang (I'm hands free). Pete was at Ham House and where was I ? (I'd mentioned I might be going there) Decision made and I headed on over.

There was a feel of Autumn in the air as we wandered along; the wind was making the leaves rustle. The house and garden weren't yet open so we walked along the towpath of the river.

And then into the "front" garden...

and around to the "back"

These Sweet Peas are beautifully scented..

A foreign intruder...

The gardens are very "bare" laid mostly to squares of lawn. There is little planting which is a great shame as there is definitely room for the imagination to run wild!

The building at the rear is the Tea Rooms which are very good. I was coerced into having some rather yummy cake (I was going for the soup ;) ) in addition to our sandwich, so we shared a couple of slices.... ooh it was good!

Loadsa grass - hope they've got a "sit-on" mower!

I don't remember these two statues (from previous visits).... and they looked very new and pristine.

This provided a quiet corner in the shelter..

Serried ranks of pots - the gardens are very geometrical!

and again we have someone walking into shot!! lol

The interior is interesting and very varied. Each room seems totally different from the others and sometimes, it feels like different periods in time.

A "right-royal" bed!

Our tour of the house and gardens done, we came out into sunshine and wandered along back to the car park. I had a slow drive back through some of Richmond Park and as I neared home the heavens opened and the rain pounded. It didn't last for long, but at least it stayed away for when it mattered!

Ham House is right down near the River Thames and Richmond Park; sometimes it's difficult to imagine you're so close to London itself!

A very pleasant day out :D

(I took rather a number of pictures so I've reduced the quantity for posting here.....)


Pete said...

you got my best side. I prefer my photos of you on face book :D

Midmarsh John said...

Another fascinating building. Much grander than my 'umble abode but it does make mine look less cluttered ;)

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos, Tricia. I love the sweet pea picture - you can almost smell the flowers. Nice photos of tapestries in the house too.

holdingmoments said...

Not somewhere I've been before.
It looks very grand.
Big ol' garden too :)

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful statues, particularly the first one. That red bed...Wow! Gotta just love it.

oldcrow61 said...

Meant to also say, great shot of Pete, lol.

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