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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Grey Heron finds brunch - back on the local patch

I awoke to grey skies, no breeze and high humidity - it's stayed like that all day. (I do know that it's much better down in Cornwall though where the sun was shining - I'm reliably informed about this)

Undaunted I headed off to BushyPark. Jenny had told me they'd seen a couple of Common Terns over the fishing lake end of the water albeit it was now a few days ago - they weren't in evidence to day.

I'd come across this Grey Heron and watched it fascinated for well over half an hour - it was very intent on fishing for its brunch!

It had caught some little fish which disappeared down its throat with great speed but..... it then shot it's beak into the water and come up with this (I think its a young Perch!). I was waiting for it to raise its beak up to swallow it but instead it just paused briefly before flying off with it in its beak!!

(It looks better enlarged (by clicking on the picture) but not if you're squeamish)

Further along it was still looking for fish so I left him to it.

Several Red Deer hinds with their young and several enjoying the water.

Sometimes the best things to eat are just out of reach...

The ears of the young seem a disproportionate size to their head!

The young are now growing up and some have already lost their dappled appearance.

Further around the pond, at last I managed a reasonable dragon-in-flight picture

and some colour from the water lillies.

Signs of autumn perhaps...

What I thought would be a stroll with nothing much happening, I was pleasantly surprised. And it's still very humid!!


Pete said...

love the heron

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
Wow the herons et is very impressive and he was kind of hungry ;-)

Holly said...

The heron pictures are wonderful. I don't think I've ever seen a heron sitting on a beach before.

Anonymous said...

Lots of amazing images Tricia, especially the Red Deer doing a Kangaroo impression.{:)

Tricia said...

Thanks Pete.. was rather chuffed with it:

Chris - must have had a huge appetite!!

Holly - thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. The Heron was in a very large pond; albeit quite a sandy edge to it in places!! and it was inland.

holdingmoments said...

I've finally managed to catch up with your previous posts Tricia.
Looks like you had a great time.

Now today. The Heron and fish, superb! I'd love to get a shot like that. And the flying dragon, excellent capture too. Looks like a Migrant Hawker? Was trying to get some today; unsuccessfully lol
The shots of the deer too, are lovely. Especially the ones reaching up to the trees.
Great post. :)

Wilma said...

In the first picture of the fawn it looks somewhat goat-like with those big ears! The shot you got of the fish in the heron's beak is fabulous; perhpas the best I have seen of "heron with dinner".

I think the fungus hanging over the water with the beautiful reflection is Ganoderma.


Midmarsh John said...

Great series of shots Trica. Lovely close shot of Heron and brunch. Well captured with the dragon in flight. The deer are fascinating.

avalon said...

Amazing shots as always, the heron, but i especially love the deer in the water wonderful. The rain came again not long after we spoke.

The Wessex Reiver said...

As ever Tricia, you were in the right place, right time and once again a wonderful montage of photos. Lovely. Andrew

Tricia said...

Hi Keith - was a great break but weather could have been better! Was pleased with the Heron and Fish :D Think you're right about the Migrant Hawker - I just wasn't sure. Thanks.

Roy - thanks and yes - a somewhat muddled Deer ;)

Wilma - I agree - it looks more like a goat than a sheep :D

John - Thank you. The deer always entertain me all year round.

J - Thank you.... the deer were nearly all having a bathe!!

Andrew - many thanks and yes - right place, right time - I was amazed at my luck!

oldcrow61 said...

Fantastic pictures. Just beautiful.

TonyC said...

Oh Great heron shot Tricia. Very well done!!

Tricia said...

Thanks OC :D

and thanks to you Tony... I was really pleased with it too.

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