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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer, a stroll in the park and some music.

We went off to St James' Park this morning. The tube was packed with people albeit it was about 6.45 a.m. A lot of 2012 Olympic games personnel all wearing the Olympic Games colours of orange and purple... the money it must cost to 'uniform' all the personnel involved.. shudders!!

Anyway, the day was glorious with brilliant sunshine and blue skies and... heat!!  Well long overdue I hear you say!!

As we walked through London we couldn't escape indications of the games!

Some of the roads are going to have traffic lanes dedicated to Olympic-related traffic.. there's a hefty £130 fine if you dare enter!

There are two Olympic Games mascots... Mandeville (the Paralympics mascot) and Wenlock (the Olympics mascot).  Those in the park represent either 'park-related' areas or something to do with the locality.

This is Safari Mandeville...

and Birdy Wenlock

Great areas of wild flowers... lovely!

Midsummer Night's Dream Wenlock

 Rose Garden Mandeville

 Was fascinated by the 'fruits' on this tree.. no idea what it is but if you know I'd be pleased to hear what it is.... :D

Deckchair Wenlock..

and I really like this one "Sherlock Wenlock" (after Sherlock Holmes.. Baker Street is not that far away from here).

and this amazingly intricate church architecture hidden away amongst much more modern (and far more uninteresting) buildings!

So a wonderful wander in beautiful sunshine and warmth... and then on to Wigmore Hall for the concert.. last one of the season..

Today we had Hayden String Quartet in F minor, Op 20 No. 5 (which was lovely) and
Schubert - String Quartet in D minor D810 'Death and the Maiden' (which was more dramatic and I preferred this)

beautifully played by the Artis Quartet of Vienna..unusually the two violins and the viola all stood to play... must be tiring!!

A really lovely day and weekend... I love this weather :D


Rohrerbot said...

Love your pieces of art! Be safe around the daring!:) I am not a crowdsy person. Too many people=anxiety:) Oh and I can imagine the pricing on everything. Those statues around the park are absolutely funny, cute and cool. Thanks for sharing!

oldcrow61 said...

That church is fantastic. The flowers are just beautiful. So much colour. The mascots are quite funny. My favorite is the Sherlock Wenlock. Sounds like you had a lovely day and sun to boot.

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