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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Nymans Woods on the hottest July day on record in the UK!

I headed off for a walk in the Woods at Nymans Gardens today.

We bought a sandwich in the cafe and armed with this and a bottle of water we started off.

Half an hour later we sat by the pond to eat.... some Mallards were immediately interested but they were out of luck with us for a snack.. sorry guys but bread is not good for you.

The wonderful carving of the Kingfisher not far from us.

Near where we sat I saw movement... tiny tiny froglets.... treading carefully we made our way past to carry on with our walk.

Interesting specimen... don't know what it is yet..

EDIT: thanks to Maurice for his ID of Female Scorpian Fly... much appreciated

Rocky outcrops and time for a rest....

Meadow full of wild flowers.. and the sound of Crickets everywhere!

and round the far end of the pond... another sit to cool down a bit..

and finally back to the cafe for a drink before heading off.

It was exceedingly hot today but the woods were comparatively cool!


bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

Just catching up, your "interesting specimen" is a female scorpion fly.



Tricia Ryder said...

AH.. many thanks Maurice.. I'll update accordingly :)

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