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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A local day in Oban, Black Guillimots, Birds, Seals and a Castle

Today I stayed in Oban.. no excursions and it was great just to wander and decided what to do.

I started with a walk along the sea front in hope of seeing Black Guillimots again and I wasn't disappointed.  Some research advised me that there approx 30 pairs nesting here.. I found where that was.. they nest in holes in the sea wall.. amazing sights.. I saw at least 25 at one time.

So have some pics of birds and mostly Black Guillimots

oh.. and a Herring Gull (I believe)....

I went on a boat trip out to see seals... again not disappointed... lovely to see them. However trying to take pics from a rocking and rolling boat was a challenge to say the least!!

I'd walked along the seafront quite a bit, so some pics and also of views seen from the boat

and finally, I walked to the North end of Oban bay to visit Dunollie House and Castle - now  a ruin. Dunollie is still today the ancestral home  of the Clan MacDougall having been there since 1745.

Had a rather nice smoked Salmon lunch with Oatcakes on arrival at Dunollie, and then had a wander.

Dunollie seen from the boat

Thought of OC when I saw this!!

A good day and lovely to be unorganised in terms of the coach trip and have a day on my own.. the weather however seems to be breaking.. getting cloudy and the wind is definitely picking up speed.

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Oystercatchers use our cricket ground as some sort of waypoint, they are always flying over during matches, peeping away and making a hell of a racket! Great birds, full of character.

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