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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Over the sea to the Isle of Mull & Tobermoray

Yesterday I went by ferry over to the Isle of Mull.. the sea was as flat as a pancake and the sunshine brilliant, the temperature hot.

I'd hoped to see Eagles but although we drove through a part of the Island where we might have seen them, not a bird in sight.

Whilst waaiting in the harbour at Oban however, I did espy these three.. Black Guillemots

Our vessel

Views of Oban as we left..

En route..

And now driving through Mull to Tobermoray

Distant view of Tobermoray

The fishermen's quay..

and after a pleasant time exploring Tobermoray, time to drive back to the port

and back on the Ferry to Oban..

and nearly at the harbour..

A gorgeous day with brilliant sunshine and, at last, time on my own to wander at will.... bliss!!

1 comment:

Eagleseagles said...

This blog post brought back many memories - been a long time since I last visited Mull!

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