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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sheffield Park - good to be back.

Today I headed off to Sheffield Park Gardens.  Was raining when I woke this morning but that soon went and the rest of the day was glorious!!

Several Broad BodiesdChasers (?) about..

Water lillies looked amazing..

Fido & Fergus, Frank & Arthur..

Some young Canada Geese about!!

and a preening Mallard going into eclipse ..

Part of a seasonal woodland walk.. I shall discover more ...

Thirsty female Mallard

A family with 4 young ones..

and while I sat and had my lunch... a male Chaffinch kept me company.

as did a Robin

Very good scone ....


bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

Try Black-tailed Skimmer for the dragonfly.



Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Maurice for your help.. as ever!!..

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Yes, I was going to chime in with black tailed skimmer as well! Great series of shots on a lovely day. I was cricketing in it, and on saturday

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