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Monday, 7 June 2010

Hmmm - wet, wet, wet

Yesterday evening for about an hour, we were entertained by the two spotted-flycatchers. They have definite perches in two of the oak trees that are in the garden where we are staying. I use the term "garden" loosely as there is quite a bit of land around the two converted barns and the victorian farmhouse.

As one flycatcher was feeding the other so I've concluded that one is a youngster; the colouring would definitely support this. It was magical to watch. I did manage to get a (comparatively) better picture as the subject came a little nearer.

I was distracted by quarreling swallows and swung the camera around - pity I hadn't got it set up properly so this is just a record shot of one rather annoyed bird!

The forecast for today said "heavy rain" from about lunch-time - the forecast was right. What it didn't forecast was light rain in the morning. However, I was awake at about 4.30 a.m. and heard the most amazing dawn chorus. All the normal suspects but additionally about six swallows added to the chorus - wonderful!!

So later in the morning we headed out for a paper and some supplies to the local shops. All our local roads are single lane traffic with passing places but at one junction we had to take evasive action to allow a family of 7 Canada Geese to cross the road. The youngsters haven't developed their wing feathers yet so unable to fly to their destination.

We dumped the shopping back at the ranch and whilst watching the birds I spotted a magnificent male Bullfinch. This bringing the 'on the spot' list to 15 species.
Swallows (nesting)
Spotted Flycatchers (with fledgling)
Wren (nesting)
House sparrows (nesting)
Blue Tits (with fledglings)
Great Tits
Chiff chaff (heard)
Song Thrush (heard)
Green and Gold finches

Shopping done we headed out once more and had to pass the same spot. This time the goose family were walking towards us along the road - so we ground to a halt. A car approached from the opposite direction and we both sat and waited. The geese decided they wanted to return so turned around and headed towards the other car. The driver now had no alternative but to back down the lane to the junction as she now couldn't get to the passing place. We waited and finally the geese headed off into a field. Now this is a traffic hold-up that I don't mind :D

The rain was still gentle so we arrived at Coldharbour Wool Mill. A fascinating place and quite friendly for wheel-chair users. The lady in the shop was extremely helpful and located their wheelchair for our use.

There was an exhibition with World War themes and this setting provoked much comment from Mum - she had lived in rooms such as this and the food rationing was interesting - 1 egg per adult per week and, on some occasions, 1 per every 2 weeks!

The mill equipment was fascinating and we had a demo...

and, despite the grey of the day, the mill gardens still managed to look very attractive.

and finally back home. The sound of the rain pattering on the roof could be considered soothing - don't think I'm finding it so... hey ho, tomorrow is another day but at least we found something interesting to do despite the wet :D


Warren Baker said...

Might be a bit early for young Spot flies yet. You could have seen the Male feeding the Female. Young spot flies are very spotty :-)

Midmarsh John said...

Pleased you managed to find somewhere interesting out of the rain. I think I still have a ration book hidden somewhere along with my WWII ID card.

Wilma said...

I am really enjoying your vacation! ;-) The story of the geese on the lane is great. Who knew geese had that much power! Lovely photos, even in the dreariness of the weather, you have a wonderful eye.

Glo said...

Sorry to hear that the weather isn't cooperating for your holiday, and I hope it improves! However, you did find a super place to visit, and I bet you and your Mum had much to talk about looking at things from days gone by. I noticed the beautiful tablecloth :)

oldcrow61 said...

I really like the shot of the World War themed room. So interesting. What lovely pictures you're taking of the area.

Tricia said...

Warren - yes you are right of course and many thanks for that. Since then we have discovered a 2nd pair which are nesting on the property and have 2 tiny fluffy bundles!

John - amazing what we keep isn't it - always historic value though ;)

Wilma - glad to have you with us. Yes - better than any sort of policeman :D

Glo - think this is the wettest week for a very long time. Mum also commented on the tablecloth - she used to have one very like it apparently.

OC - thank you. There was an amazing amount crammed into such a tiny room..

Phil Wallace said...

How nice that you're having a lovely time in my home county of Devon. Yours truly was born and bred there. We've been to Coldharbour Mill too. How dangerous that must have been for small children at the time!

What luck to have so many nesting birds on your doorstep.

See you soon.
Regards, Phil.

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