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Monday, 28 June 2010

A very hot stroll around Bushy Park!

Yesterday was HOT. It's been over 27 C (80 plus in Fahrenheit for the last few days). Now, I'm the first to admit I was pleading for warmer weather but.... there are limits and the current temperatures exceed (for me) acceptable limits. It's cooler by the coast but inland where I am - Phew!!

I had a very gentle wander through Bushy Park on Sunday, attracted by the woods and the cool they would offer.

On the way through the first garden, the reflections were evident in the still day.

The solitary white duck - was I seeing double?

A mum and her four kids trying to keep cool by not moving and..

Dad looks as though he's going into eclipse already - where did Spring go?

As I walked further along, I had an objective of finding...
Banded Demoiselles. They were there and many of them. But they don't stay still for too long.

It's amazing how the different lights, can change the colours of the females!

OK - Through the main park on my way to the water. A cold apple juice bought from the kiosk and consumed gratefully (together with a piece of fruit cake for lunch!)

The fallow deer were looking for, and finding, shady spots under the trees.

Over by the edge of the pond, a rather late group of four Egyptian Geese were feeding.

Five cygnets now growing up.

and beginning to lose that dull grey for the snowy white of the teen-aged bird.

And not swimming but walking, these two red deer just stood about in the water cooling off. I was tempted to join them!

Eventually a Cob Swan aggressive chased them and.... they left!!

Nearly at the end of the pond, this very young family were behaving very tidily following Dad!
(this is better enlarged... by clicking on it)

A female Red Crested Pochard preened.

as did "Punk" (the hybrid Red-crested Pochard/Tufted Duck)

By now the heat was getting silly so I headed off home. And lazed about!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia

Your Banded Demoiselles look more like Beautiful Demoiselles,



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tricia said...

Hi Maurice. I'm still inclined towards Banded in the first picture. I took several of these and they all show the darker blue "blotch" on the wings. Perhaps I'm getting this wrong?

The subsequent pictures I'm inclined to agree with you. Still a lot to learn....

Jackie said...

Tricia, the reflections are marvellous, like looking in a mirror. How lovely for the deer to cool down in the water!! Lovely post, Jackie.

holdingmoments said...

A cracking selection Tricia.
Love the shots of the Fallow Deer and Red Deer.
And that Swan! Chasing off the deer like that; wouldn't have thought that. They are very protective though, and can be quite aggressive at times. Good capture.

Anonymous said...

The reflection images are lovely. Wasn't it hot??!! I want to go out, but it's killing me.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
Wow it for sure was hot if the to red deers decided to go for a bath. Beautiful shots of them you got... I love the reflection shots you got, they are beautiful and the surface of the water was perfect....

Wilma said...

Your leisurely stroll yielded some fine photos. I've never seen deer just standing in water before. Very interesting and also intersting that the swan chased them off so easily! The reflection shots at the beginning of your post are so serene looking.


Anonymous said...

Amazing shots of the deer in the water Tricia. I have never seen that.

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