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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Knightshayes Court - a vist in the sun!

OK - so I slept badly (aka very little) and woke with a splitting headache. Eventually we headed off for Tesco's pharmacy as Mum had come without a back-up for one of her medications. The girl in the pharmacy said "ring NHS direct and they'll fax through a prescription". Duly did this while she waited... "NHS direct took all the details then said - Tesco's can provide this without prescription as you have the medication with you" Oh not they can't - stalemate!! Then the manager took over; rang the surgery who faxed over a prescription; medication supplied and we were off to - Knightshayes!

The mist had cleared, the clouds parted and the sun shone again... I love Knighthayes with its marvellous views and magnificent trees. Didn't visit the house today but perhaps another year.

A taste of Knightshayes

And, on arrival back at the ranch, my host (Richard) advised that the nest box he'd put up after the Spotted Flycatchers had nested previously, was occupied by..... spot flychatchers and there are 2 very tiny bundles of feathers. We now know there are 2 pairs around. Woo hoo!


Pete said...

you've been lucky with the weather! nice to see knighthayes

Wilma said...

More great shots, Tricia. What is the 3rd photo? I've never seen the blue and white irises before or that color of pink poppy. Looks like you hit the garden at the right time!

Quicksilvercountry said...

ohh great to see Knighthayes again. Even though it's just down the road from me it's years since I headed off there. Lovely and you brought the sun with you.

Tricia said...

Pete - think "have" is the operative word here today; grey seems to be in fashion again!

Wilma - sorry can't help with the plant ID. They were very tall and straight similar to Delphiniums..

Andrew - we brought the sun albeit briefly. Knightshayes is always on my 'visit list' whenever I'm down this way :D

Janine said...

Stunning. Love the great old trees.

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