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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Zorbing!! and becoming a teenager.

"What is Zorbing?" I asked. Well it seems not many people know and I was one of them. The English Tourist Board describe it thus:-
The Zorb is a gigantic inflatable pvc ball standing about three metres in height, which contains another smaller ball that is suspended into position by thousand nylon strands of varying colours. You can choose between a harness (strapped in) or hydro (sloshing about in water) Zorb experience and both are fantastically good fun.
Last Saturday was the day my grandson reached his teens!! So he and a friend went Zorbing (they were "harnessed" but now rather like the idea of water!!!) to celebrate this landmark event. What was amazingly spectacular was the venue - on the top of Devil's Dyke in West Sussex. What is even more amazing is that, given the time I spend in that county, I've never been to the top of Devil's Dyke before.

Despite the bitterly cold northerly wind (hard to imagine in today's heat!), the views had me routed to the spot.

We walked off along the top until we came to the site of Zorbing!

Looking out over to Fulking Escarpment the boys were keen to get there.

Eventually we started a downhill bit and could see what was ahead!

J's friend was the first on board and then J (following instructions) took a run up and, literally, dived through the small aperture to get into the Zorb!

Now inside duly strapped and just the crash helmet to be put on.

And...... off they went

Down and..


It was all over so quickly but the shouts from the boys indicated they were having a fantastic time - I was green just watching!

And then a vehicle brought both Zorb and boys back up to us again.

Finally we walked back up to the top and look down on where we had been.

OK - after a walk back uphill to the car we had an ice cream; the boys having recovered their balance and stomachs by now ;)

and then off into Brighton. The boys had a burger then off to the cinema. My daughter and I went and had a leisurely lunch at Brighton Marina and then wandered around the shops and art galleries until it was time to meet the lads.

It was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. Happy Birthday again J :D


Naturedigital said...

Lets go Zorbing. It must be fun.

holdingmoments said...

Oh to be young again; or fitter lol
That zorbing looks great fun.

Midmarsh John said...

J certainly had a fun day out and at least you got some good vistas to photograph.

Chris said...

I did not know this was called Zorbing, but it is probably kind of disturbing to do this kind of things and funny at the same time. Do they loose any time notion ;-)

Glo said...

Well, they definitely had a ball, didn't they! I'd never heard of Zorbing before this ~ so thanks for the post. Sounds like a perfect day for everyone.

oldcrow61 said...

Looks like the boys had a great time.

Tricia said...

Costas - good luck if you do!! - I'll watch and take pictures...

Keith - Zorbing was enjoyed by both of them... I enjoyed just watching

Chris - yes they both were a little dizzy for a while afterwards. But, I think, that added to the fun!

Glo - first time for everything. It was a great day and much enjoyed by all.

OC - yes they did!! Were talking about it for some time afterwards too :D

Tricia said...

John - the views were really photogenic and I shall go back again; perhaps in different seasons too.

Tricia said...

John - the views were really photogenic and I shall go back again; perhaps in different seasons too.

Anonymous said...

Being strapped in with a harness Tricia, are you allowed to talk about this here.?? {:)
Lovely scenic shots.

Wilma said...

Except for a feeling of claustrophobia looking at the photos of your grandson diving into the zorb, that looks like great fun! I wonder if the little tuftie duck you shot diving and a preening (wonderful shots, by the way)is about the same physiological age as your grandson? ;-) They seem to have similar convictions of immortality!

Anonymous said...

Mum it was a fabulous day thank you so much for coming its so great to share my fave places with you!
Loadsa love

Tricia said...

LOL Roy and tut tut!

Wilma - well said :D lovely comment thank you.

SPD - I really do enjoy J's birthdays; you always give him such wonderful celebrations..... and I'm so glad you took me up on Devil's Dyke! Luv ya!

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