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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last day's birding of 2011 - a great one it was!

Well - the last day's birding of 2011 and it wasn't bad!!

 I started off at Pulborough Wildbrooks where I bumped into a groups of people that I know from the London Wetland centre.

As I arrived in the car park I heard, then saw, a male Great Spotted Woodie drumming. He was shortly joined by a female who hotly pursued him. The flew off over the horizon but it was great to see.

We all stood and watched for sometime hoping for a sighting of the Firecrests..we dipped! Loads of waterfowl and numerous Wigeon etc. etc. The light was awful so not any pics from there today. Saw a Treecreeper which was lovely and also stood and watched a Weasel who was having a mouse for brunch! My do they move fast!!

 Went into the cafe for a bite to each at lunchtime but, with sandwiches costing in excess of £4.00 and jacket potatoes the same, I chose a very nice piece of Coffee and Walnut cake.. naughty but very nice!

On the way home I decided to try for the reported Short Eared Owls which were nearby.  The directions I was given were excellent and I found the spot near the river without problems.

I climbed the style into very boggy terrain (oh for my wellies which were in the car.  A way over in the fields was a guy with camera on tripod. As I neared I could see a SEO perched on a branch. In conversation with my new found companion I gathered said SEO had been perched there for at least 3/4 of an hour. I managed some very poor pics in dreadful light and the best of these (record shot only!!) is present here. A great way to end a birding 2011 and if 2012 is as good or better then I shall be a happy bunny.

Just a record shot, but my very first picture of a Short Eared Owl...

Happy New Year to you all and hopefully it will be a "wild" one for you all.


holdingmoments said...

A great bird to end the year on Tricia; well done.

All the very best for 2012.

Midmarsh John said...

A nice ending to 2011s birding.
Very best wishes to you and yours Tricia for 2012.

oldcrow61 said...

What a sweet bird. Lucky you to get a picture.

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