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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

WWT Arundel...the second half of a visit

I'd had a busy morning and had had to rearrange meeting a friend as house purchasing arrangements kept me well occupied.

Eventually I became free and decided to pop over to WWT Arundel again given it was around lunchtime by now!

The weather was glorious initially with blue sky and sunshine. Pity it didn't last. Managed to get a quick glimpse of one of the Bullfinches that had been around most of the morning and also enjoyed a very quiet boat ride around the reeds. The young lady taking me and one other around was very enthusiastic and informative - thank you.

As I drove along the road these two were sitting quite comfortably in the road itself. I stopped for a quick picture and then gently encouraged them back into the nearby boating lake and park. Phew!

and then onto WWT Arundel..

These captive cygnets were bathing ..

By now the light was going but the weak sun shone on a distant church..

and time to leave as the black clouds gathered releasing torrential rain..
and a rainbow.

Just a quick trip around one of my new "locals"

1 comment:

holdingmoments said...

It looks a great new 'local' Tricia.
A good job you were there to get that daft pair out of the road lol

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