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Saturday, 30 March 2013

One good Sandwich Tern equals about 70+

I was on my way to my daughter's today (more about that in another post tomorrow), but had a detour to Goring Gap along the Sussex coast.  I'd heard that about 12 Sandwich Terns were seen there in the last couple of days.

Well, they were there - about 70 of them.  Another birder who was watching them claimed to have counted 77!  There were also about 3 Med Gulls as well...

The birds were all some distance away and I hadn't got the dSLR with me.  So these shots (heavily cropped) were taken with the Panasonic G5 and 45-175 lens!  I'm really impressed with what it can do... not goo good on moving subjects but as the Terns in the main, were just preening...

At one point they all took off and wheeled out over the sea before returning to settle once again.  It really was the most awesome sight!

(click to enlarge this first picture)

Is this a Med Gull taking off?  awful picture but best I could do..

1 comment:

Bill said...

Excellent sight, Tricia. Med Gulls have all white wing tips, so I believe the gull taking off is a Common Gull. Love the summer plumage Med Gull in the top right corner of the second photo.


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