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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sunday - Coliseum and the Forum

Heading off early morning. - the temperature was to rise to about 71 degrees today :D

First stop today was the Coliseum. It opened at 8.30 and the best time to visit in my opinion... nicely quiet of other visitors!

and onto the Forum..

Some excellent wildlife in the Forum areas.

A couple of pigeons

Several lizards.. but the the sun was glorious

and a Blue Rock Thrush - with thanks to Corinna for telling us where to watch out for these birds :D

And then onto the Capitaline Museum

We visited a church on the way back
Basilica Dei SS. Ambroggio E Carlo

To end the day, we had a return to Piazza de Popolo.  We'd tried the other day,but a demonstration was taking place resulting in hundreds of people - today was much quieter!

Another excellent day but, very sadly, our last full day!!

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