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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Nuffield Place.. a first visit

We'd made plans for today.... the weather was 'iffy' - we changed our minds and plan B was brought into effect.. so it was off to Nuffield Place.. a first-time visit for me.. in the morning... the afternoon visits are for another blog post.... watch this space..

Nuffield Place was the home of William Morris... hence a rather nice model greeted us on arrival.

Ponders thought a swap from my current car to this would be rather nice :)

We had a 'resident' join us in the walled garden..

Started with a tour of the house... it was a house that I could live in..

Just love the glassware.. and Ponders approved...

Oooo ... I learnt to type on one similar to this one..  :)

Messes Ponders & Quacks fancied an afternoon drive..

so off they went..

We ended with a scone... it looked very promising but sadly.... somewhat undercooked :(

A great time out... and that was just the morning.. !!

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