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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Guildford .. a wander

I went into Guildford to do some shopping today.. I don't visit Guildford very often.  Used the Park  & Ride which cost me in total £1.00 return!!  Great value!

This is the main street which is cobbled.  My mother worked in a bank here at the time she was expecting me.  The street is very steep and she had to walk this daily.. no mean feat!!

Given I wasn't constrained by cost of parking having had a very quick look in one shop I decided, as the sun was shining, that I'd discover the River Wey which runs through the town.

Lot of Mallards being very active and very vocal

Lovely walk and lots more of the river to discover.  By now I was getting very hungry so headed back into town and had a sarnie and coffee in Pret...

A very pleasant impromptu day... !!

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

The mallards here were very busy and quacky too, was trying to get them in the right place for some shots of the sun making their heads irridescese

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