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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Bushy Park and Royal Hampton Court Palace

I have a small fluffy visitor from Germany - Herr Ludwig ... and today I headed north to Bushy Park and Hampton Court Palace.. used to live about 2 miles from here so somewhat nostalgic visit today.  I was in search of the palace, birds and hopefully, some deer.

WE arrived - too early to visit the Palace so a wander around the pond in Bushy Park first

Egyptian Geese..

and then walked through the park to visit Hampton Court Palace...
The South gardens are open between 9.00 and 10.00 without charge so my first port of call

This is the old tennis court

The old Tennis Court

 A view of the Long Water that is in Home Park

A panoramic view.. the building is not bent.  just the distortion of the panaoramic shot..

The more formal Privy Gardens

The Tissou Gates

and a visit to the River Thames

A walk back through the Palace grounds

In the shop!!!

The Kitchen Gardens

The Magic Gardens ( play area for children)

Back into Bushy Park to the car.. the Heron was still in the same place

and Lunch.. a rather nice scone... Ludwig seemed to approve

and in the Pond were a pair of Red Deer

Great Crested Pochard

A Fallow Deer buck

Lovely day out.. very warm and good to have some sunshine.. albeit in ended cloudy


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Love the shots of the furry family!

Red crested pochards are beautiful

Tricia Ryder said...

thanks Simon.. the RC Pochards are often there... it's great to seem ..I agree.. beautiful birds!!

Ludwig Loewe said...

A very lovely place and a wonderful day out there!!!

*thankful lion roar*

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