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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Claremont Gardens.. revisited

I went back to Claremont today.. and the first thing I noticed was an additional structure at the top of the amphitheatre.  The original building was built as a tea house for Charlotte.. but she died in childbirth and it, sadly, became her mausoleum..

Queen Victoria had ties and visits to Claremont and celebrated her 21st birthday in the house, which is now the Claremont Fancourt School..

and look the other way.. over the lake.

A view of the house which is not accessible to visitors..

The Thatched Cottage.. the contents being games and dressing up clothes for children

This amphibian vehicle was clearing weed from the lake

Amazing fungi.. yet to be identified

Shelf fungus?

and finally an excellent scone as usual for lunch.

A further wander round the lake.. in the rain before heading home.

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

You could climb up the tree with those shelf fungi! Like a ladder.Looks a great place, love the thatched playhouse. I could live in that, frankly.

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