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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Proved wrong!

Well I was wrong and very happy to admit it.

Watching the birds in the garden today, I was very pleased to see the return of, not only one, but two Bramblings. I really thought they had deserted me. The males are really getting their "proper" plumage now.

Unfortunately I managed a picture of only one of them (in very poor light a distance away); why can't they stay together for a double picture?!

Also had four Jays making quite a racket down the bottom of the garden.

So the Blackcap and Bramblings haven't moved on after all.

The sun came out this afternoon and the wind, at that time, wasn't too bad. I didn't make it to Bushey Park however as I had visitors just as I was leaving. Didn't mind though as I enjoy having these particular visitors!

Tomorrow is another day however and one, I hope, with a little less wind!

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