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Saturday, 18 October 2008

And for a change...... even more Autumn colour

Today I went down to take Mum out for the day. Given the time of the year, we had to go to Sheffield Park Gardens in West Sussex - and so did the entire occupants of the UK. Mum has a Disability parking badge so at least we could get the final parking place left near the entrance.

I have to commend the National Trust for their organisational skills in controlling and directing endless cues of cars to the car parking places!! No mean feat!

On our journey there, hiccup no. 1 - I missed a turning in Haywards Heath. Haywards Heath is a pretty town - and doesn't lose anything on the second time around it's one way system!

Having duly arrived, and pushed Mum in the wheelchair down the slope to the ponds, we discovered we had a flat tyre. So - hiccup no. 2 - we then had to go back up the hill, change the chair for an NT one and take Mum's back to the car!!

In taking pictures today, it was very difficult to get views without people; but in my view, having people gives the viewer an idea of the scope and size of the scenery!

But never mind, the scenery was amazing, the sky was blue, the sun had got it's hat on.........

Sheffield Park Gardens - in all it's Autumnal glory!

And the final hiccup (no. 3). On the way back. my usual route (about half way home), was closed by the police. So... I had to take a diversion which meant two motorways. Luckily the traffic was running freely.

I bought a new car about six weeks ago, and today it was introduced to the motorway. Now motorways (with a top speed limit of 70 miles per hour), can be very seductive if the traffic is moving and there's not much of it. I spoke kindly to my new car asking it not to be seduced by the long open roads. However, it didn't listen to my worldly words of wisdom and it wasn't long before it was exceeding the speed limit. (Being conscious of my car's feelings, I won't say by how much). Unfortunately, this happened more than once, but we both arrived home safely. I must say though, I find my new car very nippy! Oooh, this is so naughty!!

But, no matter, it had been a grand day!


Pete said...

nice pics trish

Tricia said...

Thanks Pete :D

The Gorse Fox said...

It was a magical afternoon - GF's first trip to Sheffield Park, and he was enchanted.

Super photos.

Eagleseagles said...

Long time since I have visited Sheffield Park - lovely to see the autumnal colour!

I'm enjoying your photographs Tricia.

I might go on a course next year to learn properly as I always do so much better when i am on aphoto day or with a photographer!

Couple of quotes for you

"You don't take a photograph you make it"
and " Just because you own a camera doesn't make you a photographer"

That 2nd one might be "have" instead of "own"! Means the same!


Tricia said...

Thanks C. I've a lot to learn about the art yet:)

Yoke said...

Funny, before reading your blog today, I was looking at the Autumn colour images in Sheffield Park which you took in 2007.

Lovely pictures, here and there. Sounds like the car had a good run-in and I hope she will not get you into speeding difficulties, LOL.

Tricia said...

Thanks Yoke. She won't be allowed to get me into difficulties - I now know I have to watch my speed LOL.

Tricia said...

GF - thanks; and I hope you'll return another time to top up your enchantment level :)

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