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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Herons, Squirrel and a great Concert at Wigmore Hall

Today Pete and I were off to a concert at Wigmore Hall..( strange going on a Saturday) - the concert was excellent.

Before that we were to visit a church (on Pete's list) but as there was a service in progress we went for a wander around Regents Park... in the dullness and grey of a wettish day in London... shame really...

Grey Herons seemed to be everywhere!

but this is a Red-crested Pochard..

and these are Grey Herons

young Egyptian Goose

and a Greylag goose

very very young Grey Heron

Bar-headed Goose

Greylags with young.

Male Pintail

Mallard males

and posing Squirrels... aw...

Young Canadian Gosling
There was a lady feeding fish scraps to the Herons... 12 of them in attendance and some fighting to gain the spoils!!

On the way to the Church, roses in a box outside some flats..

and finally we made St. Cyprians Church... a great mixture of the ornate (shown in the pictures) and the main body of the kirk which was in need of some repair....

Outside the church, preparation for a Jubilee street party was well under way..
(nearest you'll spot a Pete to a street party )....

A lighting shop.. on our way to Wigmore Hall

and finally to Wigmore Hall for the concert.  This is probably the most enjoyable one I've attended although music varies so much.. This time, instead of the more usual 1-hour concerts I've been to this was was for about 1.5 hours.... it was beautifully played by the London Haydn Quartet with Steven Dann joining the quartet after the first piece.

Music was:

Haydn, String Quartet in C Op. 20 No. 2 (1773)
Mozart, String Quintet in B sharp, (1772) followed by
Mozart String Quintet in E sharp, (1791)

all beautifully played and most likely this is my favourite music to-date.

And finally, mid afternoon we headed back... needless to say by now the sun had come out and parts of the sky were blue!!  The temperature had also risen...


Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

Beautiful species and great shots Tricia.

Kevin and Seri said...

Enjoyed reading your blog, nice shots ofthe eildlife too....

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