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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bury St Edmunds - a first visit

Plan A was to test a lens in the brilliant sunshine that was forecast at the beginning of the week!

Plan B - with heavy rain and winds forecast for today, we abandoned Plan A and Pete drove us to Bury St. Edmunds.. a place I'd never visited.  And today was Christmas Fair Day along with the 'normal' market.  It was very busy with people.

The Cathedral was packed so we didn't go in..

However, St Marys Church...

had many visitors but we were able to walk around more easily... many wonderful stained-glass windows..

Back outside we wandered and finally went back to the car..

 There was a Natavity scene in which there was a donkey and 3 alpacas... not the prettiest of animals.

The smallest pub in Britain... The Nutshell 

We stopped to buy some sandwiches for lunch before heading off.... into heavy skies and rain.

But despite the weather, a good day out!

1 comment:

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures. That little pub looks delightful, I love the name. You have such a wealth of artwork over there ie: the carvings, tombs, etc.

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