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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Burggarten, Volksgarten and around town - some samples for Day 4

Headed off after breakfast this morning... it's getting hotter!

One of those 'wandering' days.. lovely.  We'd also tried to visit the Spanish Riding School but all the tours were booked - this is only way you can see the school.  BUT we're booked in for tomorrow,

Last night..we had a meal at our 'usual' the Cafe Mozart.  We chose our cake dessert but our friendly waiter, Gerald, recommend the two delicasies you see below.. and it was an excellent recommendation.. so we shared these two :D

And today it was the Burggarten and a wander

 A visit to the Butterfly house

and it was then Teatime.... so a visit to the Sacher Hotel where we had. of course, Sachertorte - which was amazing.... 

Another pic of the amazing clock

and then back to the hotel... for a pause before going out for the evening..

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