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Saturday, 20 July 2013

the Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens

Today we took the Viennese equivalent of the London Underground... which was a very simple excursion and the trains and stations were excellent!

We were visiting the Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens.  We visited the Palace first, which nowadays is a Museum.  No picture taking permitted so we bought some post cards and I scanned them.  The first four pics are such

Had a drink before starting off around the gardens in the heat of the day... a Sparrow (one of many) joined us whilst we drank.

Rather than take the zig-zag path up to the top in all the heat we walked through the adjacent woods.  Saw and heard Nuthhatches and many Red Squirrels bounded about... just managed a quick snap of this one

Once at the top (or nearly) we were ready to replenish our drinks

which we did in the cafe... and we..

also had an icecream for sustinence so we could continue our walk around the gardens!

In one area we spotted a female Banded Demoiselle..

We spotted this church (which is outside the gardens)..

So left the gardens (briefly) to look inside the church

A wonderful visit... the gardens are VAST..  then back to the hotel for a shower before heading out for the evening meal.

and pudding,  oh dear decisions, decisions... :D

we wandered back as the sun was casting soft light..

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