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Monday, 14 October 2013

Petworth Park.. no Arundel WWT.... no Petworth Park

Visited Mum this morning and then some boring domestic shopping.

Trying to get some daily exercise to reduce some weight and get the circulation going so I decided I would go to Petworth Park and hunt for Deer.  Black clouds in their masses gathered to I went to WWT Arundel instead (it was on my way!)

Exceedingly quiet at Arundel - several of the 'wild' water areas were devoid of birds.... so
herewith just a few pics of the usual culprits!

As I left it brightened up a bit so I decided a quick visit was possible.
Needless to say, as I arrived at Petworth, the sun went in and the clouds gathered again.

So a trip around the house...

As I left to come home, the sun came out!!

Just as well I decided on this route, as my way home would have been blocked due to a fire in the area.  8 fire engines called to the scene... so every black cloud......

and tomorrow is another day...

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