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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hither & thither - Pulborough for a bit...

I've got family commitments for a few days; the weather today was glorious and I managed a couple of hours at Pulborough Brooks from about 10.00 a.m.  Bit late for birding but at least I go there!  But today's pic quality is a little underwhelming but it was good to get out!

A Chiffchaff greeted my at the top of the zigzags

and a robin and I walked along - he hopping from one post to another ahead of me!

Up in Adder Alley, no adders visible today; about 3 nightingales singing and this one was skulking around at the base of a tree - there was another very close so would be good to think they had a nest nearby!

The view out over the reserve... good to see the water levels seem to be back to about normal.

A robin finding worms to then head off as speed.. could be a nest nearby

I came across Elaine & Susan - and we continued around the reserve - thanks for the company ladies and sorry I couldn't stay for cake!

Some non-birdy type subjects... a few of the cattle had found a few scratching posts in the lower branches of these trees

Nearer the visitor centre a great view of the bluebells..

and in the garden on the way out to the car park, some spring flowers.

Having gone through the car park I had a look the 'other side'.  Quite a bit of work being done to clear the area to encourage heather to grow again.... good news for bees methinks!

I got back to Mum's and then we had a drive out and some lunch at a local garden centre.  We stopped at a local lake on the way home... no Grebes to be seen - in fact very quiet.  A fisherman reported he hadn't seen any Great Crested Grebes for a bit so I feel they may not be breeding there this year :(

But the local resident ducks came to say hello...

Afterwards, I'd intended to go up aloft of Cissbury Ring but some inconsiderate idiot had parked so badly that motorists were have great difficulty getting out of the small car parking area.  I didn't bother!

I stopped in the Lancing area - I've so often driven past here but today parked in the small car park and took some landscape shots!

Well, the weather was gorgeous... brilliant blue skies, warm sun and not much wind.  And tomorrow is another day...

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Pete Duxon said...

well done on seeing Nightingale

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